Democrat Doug Jones beats cowboy cosplay creep Roy Moore in Alabama senate race


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wait. What?


How long till our “fearless leader” goes on about how much of a loser Roy Moore is?






Drinks all around! Suck it trump!


Nah he’s going full foaming at the mouth voter fraud on this one.


I’m pouring a triple Whiskey right now, my dear Wife is crying she laughing so hard.


Yeah, I can see people raising a big stink about it being so close and wanting a recount and just ughh…


Milkshakes for everyone!


Wow. I have never been so surprised by political elections two years in a row.


Hey, good thing they’re deleting those voting records, right?


So is that thing about some court blocking a recount going to backfire on them now?


TGOP’ers can burn themselves with wet matches, FACT!


Election day, 2017 for an Alabama conservative: “Hmmm, do I vote for the guy who got banned from the mall for creeping on teen girls? Decisions, decisions …”


@beschizza kudos on the header! Creepy cosplayer indeed!

Think Roy is sleeping with his horse tonight?




Well, let’s hope he hasn’t groped anyone.



Dunno. How old is that horsee?