Republican Roy Moore files lawsuit to block Alabama senate result (Update: fail)


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Well, here’s good late night fodder for the next week or so at least. The big question is whether this is just a matter of fundamentalist sour-grape venality…or good ole boy cognitive dissonance.




Like I said in the other thread, let’s give him a do-over - on the condition that we can give the presidential election a do-over too. After all, both elections purportedly suffered from “massive election fraud.” It’s only fair, right?

Oh, don’t wanna do that? Then you can just fuck off.




“If you lose a senate race by 20,000+ votes in a state with Voter ID laws, let it go, because man, it’s gone.”




amazing isn’t it…how when one of the DNC loses it’s
"You need to accept your loss with dignity, the people have spoken. - the GOP"
and when one of the GOP loses it’s


He may believe that laying this bogus groundwork would provide political cover for GOP backers to do an about face and somehow – magically – the resulting recount would find him the winner. Or he may be doing this to massage his rep (look, a polygraph proves me innocent!) and allow him a door back into the game later on. Either way, he’s a pathetic f—k head.


“Roy Moore is like an '80s horror movie villain. He spends most of his time chasing high school kids and even when you get rid of him, he keeps coming back.” –Half an Onion


A judge in Alabama rejected his attempt to block the certification of Jones as the winner (or better-phrased, Moore as the loser) about 30 minutes ago.


Lawsuit translation: “Them negroes voted. That shouldn’ta been allowed!”

Of course they’re upset - they knew it was rigged because they rigged it, and yet after all that effort, they still lost!

And/or undermining belief in democracy. The GOP is big on that, right now. It serves their future, anti-democratic interests.


Neither, this is just keeping the grift going. He is still raising money for his election integrity fund. I am not kidding. Have to look like you are doing something to keep the rubes sending in money.

I am actually fine with it, I am glad his idiot supporters are throwing their money away on lining his pockets.


What a miserable fucking mope.


Pathetic whiny little bitch.


Yeah, better that than giving the money to a candidate who might succeed. Unfortunately it’s still lining his fascist, kiddie-fiddling pockets - and likely supporting anti-democratic political action. Now, if only someone could steal the money from his account, that would be ideal…


So you’re saying you hope he fights it all the way up to the Supreme Court, with a whole team of lawyers on retainer? That should do it.


Sounds fair, though to be hoenst hte dems need to redo everything on their end to account for a bigass thumb on the scale on which candidate got to run.


I agree that they should do that, but whether they will is less than certain. Seems to me they won’t. My fear is that they’ll just figure that Trump and Co. is going to continue to come across as such a garish, unpopular shitshow that continuance of Neoliberal Lite will work just fine.