Roy Moore denies he lost Alabama Senate election


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Well, Moore also denies the theory of evolution, the scientific method, and the constitutional separation of church and state. So there’s that.


It’s simple enough.

He’s delusional and headed for a mental health crisis. I hope he gets the help he needs.


But people who like what he’s selling will continue to buy.


I deny Moore, so it all balances out.


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Christ man, I don’t use the word ‘cringe’ that often, but when I do it’s to describe major, serious, certified asshats like that.


Cringe, what an asshole.


I’m pretty sure this is standard narcissistic ego protection. At this point, I suspect he’s mastered Trump-level ego protection and will likely die without ever allowing reality to interfere with his own self-perception.


Jesus Christ, does the Republican party leaders not have any pull with this guy? He is embarrassing himself and the party at this point. Or has everyone decided this tactic of total war is the way to go?


He’s had a lifetime to practice the denial of reality. I’d say he’s got it down pretty well by now.


Roy Moore doesn’t accept the word “no”?




Trump suggested that Clinton’s majority in the popular vote was accounted for by illegal immigrants voting illlegally, but then he switched to the other line of BS about how he could have won the popular vote if he wanted to but decided to win in the Electoral College instead because that was more challenging or something.

Perhaps Moore will announce that his campaign strategy was to win in the courts by proving voter fraud, because winning at the ballot box would be too easy and he wanted to challenge himself just like the Dear Leader.


I guess he thinks Alabama loves losers.


Something something Alternative Facts.

In all seriousness, if he’s having a break from reality I hope he can get the help he needs and is kept from harming himself or others. If he’s just being a sour grapes man-child sticking fingers in ears going lalallalalla I CAN’T HEAR YOU lalalalalalla I hope he gets a cold hard dose of reality.


Roy Moore still won’t concede the Alabama Senate race. And those write-in votes? Mickey Mouse got a few

In several counties, Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants appeared on ballots. Phil Robertson, star of the television series “Duck Dynasty,” received votes in at least 10 counties. Another popular choice was simply the word “anybody.”

But the candidates to receive the most write-ins were mostly seasoned politicians and public figures.

Sen. Luther Strange, who lost to Moore in the Republican primary, netted 5,822 write-in votes, according to Lee Busby, a retired Marine who launched his write-in campaign as Moore’s sexual misconduct allegations emerged, raked in nearly 3,600 votes.

Sessions, who before leaving his seat served in the Senate for two decades, received 267 write-in votes.


“At this point?”


Hard to shame a group of people that has neither the capacity to feel it nor understanding of when they should.