Woman says AL judge Roy Moore initiated sexual act with her when she was 14, he was 32


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Never trust anyone who uses “moral” in the name for anything. They aren’t.


I’m not at all surprised by these accusations, and I’ll be even less surprised if they turn out to be true… but I am damn weary.


No dead girl/live boy, no problem. He is still going to win that election or at worst lose only by a very narrow margin.


Roger That!


And he would get bonus points with conservative voters if he was related to any of the alleged victims.


torn here…



Hey @melz2:


A Black Lives Matter activist whose protest photo went viral last year won a seat on the Charlotte City Council on Tuesday. According to WBTV, Democratic candidate Braxton Winston received the second-highest number of votes in Charlotte’s Tuesday elections for at-large seats on the council.

I don’t know the man, but I love the idea of people (who share my political inclinations) making the transition from activist to activist-officeholder.



He’s a traditionalist - and there’s a long tradition of religious homo/transphobes being pedo’s.

Cue the Frye gif.

He was afraid that the troops under his command in Nam were going to frag him too. What did they know?


And announce that he’s not a Christian.


What a totally unforeseeable turn of events! But if there’s one thing we’ve learned recently, it’s that Republicans are unfazed by sex crimes when their guy is the perp. Even if you have him talking about it on tape.


Good for those who spoke up. It can’t have been an easy decision.


We need to end the political influence of the Christian Taliban. They have abandoned all pretense of Christian love and now only worship wealth and authority.


It will probably make him more “Christian”; after all, God loves a sinner.

God, “You have sinned so very very badly, Roy. Look at you. You’re the prodigal son. You’re quite a prize!”

Roy, “I’ve done questionable things.”


Yeah, I know, and that is good…

But for every iota of news that gives me a tiny glimmer of hope, there seem to be five more stories of total repugnant fuckery.


Honestly, I think the important hopeful stories are going underreported because they’re local and no one reports local news… so many people getting fired up and running for local government, so many people pushing back against FUD from corporations in, like, Colorado, pushing for better schools…

I hope this is truly the start of a wave as they’re calling it and that we’ll see it surge higher over the next year.


Most people who make a big show of being Christian aren’t. Jesus says that when you pray, go into a room by yourself and do it in private. Also, the signs of being a Christian are that you feed the hungry, clothe the poor, welcome the immigrant, and set the prisoner free.



Just how dirty does it all have to get?


I don’t even want to know.