"Common knowledge" that Alabama GOP Sen. candidate Roy Moore dated teens


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But the thing is, he always asked permission from their moms. Doesn’t every man in their thirties do that?


Common knowledge.

Like Weinstein. And Spacey. And Seagal. And Trump. And and and and and.

These abuses do not persist because of secrecy. They persist because of power.


Wait, what? Fuck it’s hard to keep up with the scale of this bullshit :rage:

Edit: /reads wikipedia entry. Oh. What a colossal dick.


In whose world is it ok for a 30 something to date high school kids?

What a fucking loser.



Edit: apologies for the changing map.


Let me be clear: adults of any age have no business dating U16s.


Doing the math: Moore was 32 in 1979.


Shit I thought he looked familiar.


The response from the Christian right:


Yeah, I’m praying for Roy Moore, to Drá the Uncaring.

Pray I don’t alter it any further.


You’all Know what’s happening if you elect that guy, right?

Connecticut: the nutmeg state
New York: the Empire State
Pennsylvania: the keystone state
California: the golden state
Utah: the beaver state
Alabama: the pedophile state


I’m praying for him too - for his penis to fall off.


Utah is the beehive state, as far as I recall.


I keep thinking of the Breitbart response: “Only one of the relationships was problematic!” He was a grown-ass man picking up high school girls. All of the relationships were problematic. Only one (that we know about) was illegal.
I’ve been reading about how, apparently, in the Christian conservative home-school movement, adults dating girls as young as 13 isn’t considered unseemly. So his base isn’t upset with him for being a pedo, but are just disappointed he didn’t marry the girl. But “boys will be boys” (even if they’re 30-something-year-old men), so they can forgive that part. Bygones!

A simple loss is too good for the guy. I’m hoping it explodes.

Well, so long as you don’t refer to it as the “underage polygamous cult state,” they’re happy.



How many of his teen girlfriends were nieces or cousins?



Calling it the “Beaver State” would be amusing to many older people in the UK.
But with Mormon undergarments, who would know for sure?


In Victorian times it was relatively common* because younger sons needed to become established before they could marry. However, there would have been chaperones involved and a total ban on premarital sex.

That’s a genuine example of sociological conditions resulting in an unusual cultural practice. Nowadays, of course, no excuses whatsoever.

*edit - compared to today. “younger sons” (of the upper middle and upper classes) are not a huge subset of the population.