"He didn't pinch it; he grabbed it" -- latest Roy Moore accuser


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Tina Johnson was 28 when she says Roy Moore assaulted her in his legal office in 1991.

This jibes with what Rush Limbaugh was saying. Roy Moore began assaulting women of the age of majority after he joined the GOP.


Apparently a requirement for membership these days.


Unlike the other allegations, this took place after Moore married. I wonder if post-marriage misconduct is enough of an offense for his wife to give up defending him.


He always asked his wife’s permission first.


My goodness, there certainly do seem to be a lot of women making up scandalous accusations against Moore just for the fun of getting their names publicly dragged through the mud on right-wing media while anonymous creeps send them death threats.


Like Pence does.




Someone that assaults and molests with this much impunity is either seriously ill, feels extremely safe, or both. I wonder how much his ambition in the justice system was driven by a desire for the power to cover his tracks? I’m hoping someone will have a closer look at his past government positions and see what other corruption is lurking. His son has certainly been favorably treated after multiple drug-related arrests, so perhaps they can start there.

FYI, I live in Alabama, and if yard signs are votes Roy Moore won’t get a single vote from the city where I live. Doug Jones has more yard signs up than did Trump and Hillary combined for the general election (which is easy to know because they had virtually no yard signs or bumper stickers of support). I’ve even seen a hand-made Doug Jones yard sign, making me think they ran out.


Don’t kid yourself. Moore will still get at least 40% of the vote in Alabama regardless of what new allegations come out.

“Christian” conservatives will vote for him simply because he’s a god fearing Republican and they can’t stand to let a dirty socialist Democrat help to swing the Senate majority. Most are convinced the charges are entirely made up and he’s the victim of dirty politics.

Shit, I even saw one online poster defend Moore citing Deuteronomy 22 with how young women are supposed to stop themselves from tempting older men. Ultimate victim blaming.


Cue Bloom County’s thigh-groping Otis Oracle: “Now see here, young lady…”

(Tried to find the strip online. Failed.)


Like a scene out of the movie “My Cousin Vinnie”


“We demand to see the long-form yearbook!”


More than a 30-year age difference would be skeezy.

Also, the Onion is showing no respect.


I’ll just leave this here:

Good to see someone standing up to these assholes.

i’d pay good money to watch a Drake / Moore cage fight.



It’s so hard to laugh at The Onion these days, because it’s so hard to tell it apart from real life. This is the world we live in now.


What city? I could definitely see that happening around Birmingham’s Southside, but it’s hard for me to imagine anywhere else. (Maybe Fairhope?) If true, it would be a profoundly positive development. I might even consider moving back.


Moore also demanded she release all her straws, that he might grasp at them.