Trumpists and evangelicals make apologies for GOP Senate nominee accused of sexually assaulting teen girls


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I think the media needs to ask every Republican official for their on-the-record stance on this. The campaign ads just write themselves, don’t they?


It’s interesting, in a horrible way, that for the most part the GOP isn’t even trying to deny the allegations or blame the victims, just jumping straight to excuses and rationalizations. Is this the new normal, or something specific to Moore?


I know we are all shocked when a religious fraud, lying as an apologist for pedophilia, starts spouting stuff with no actual biblical basis, taken instead from medieval fanfic.


In fact Ziegler flatly contradicts scripture.

“Take the Bible. Zachariah and Elizabeth for instance. Zachariah was extremely old to marry Elizabeth and they became the parents of John the Baptist,” Ziegler said

Who to believe, Luke 1:5-7 or some bootlicking shitweasel?


Not just a Roy Moore issue:

(see thread for nauseating detail)

Also not just an issue of secretive, hidden abuse:

And it ain’t just the South.


Bannon did not deny that Moore or Trump had sexually assaulted women, rather, he criticized the news media for disclosing this fact, claiming the disclosures – even if true – were politically motivated.

Right. How dare the other side effectively use media for political purposes?!


Well, OK, if this is the kind of political conversation Alabamians want to accept as normal, that’s their right. Not everyone wants to be regarded as better than farm animals.


Sean Hannity justifying it. “Well, it was consensual.


Partly, I think it’s because they know, or strongly suspect, that Moore is guilty as sin and any attempt at denying the allegations will blow up in their face. (I would be entirely unsurprised if it turned out there were several more women, with quite strong evidence, waiting in the shadows.)

But at least some of it is part of the increasingly rapid post-Trump moral bankruptcy of the Republican party and movement conservatism. There have been hypocrites and corrupt assholes in the past, but at least there was an expectation that they hide their indiscretions and crimes. Much noise was made about the importance of moral character of the politicians.

With Trump, though, the masquerade is over. Not only was Trump obviously incompetent and unfit for presidency in terms of experience, education, skill, and goals, he was also obviously, almost deliberately, awful as a person. And the Republican party and the white Evangelicals embraced and defended him against criticism, because in the end they cared more about gaining power than any of the moral and ethical principles they had been trumpeting for years.

With the morals thrown aside and only the naked power mattering any more, it’s no wonder so many Republicans are bending over backwards to excuse and support Moore. On a personal level, they might actually loathe the man, and deplore his actions. But none of that matters, compared to ensuring that the senate seat remains in GOP hands, and is denied to the Democrats.


Yep, and it’s perfectly okay for these arsewipes to just make shit up.


The party slogan has gone from No Child Left Behind to No Child’s Behind Left.


You know I’ve heard those arguments before from your quiverful types, weird Christian militias, Mormon fundamentalists, And other assorted “we have child brides” religious movements. So I shouldn’t be shocked.

But it’s really weird to hear those arguments presented by the usual Christian right in such a mainstream, national news case of kiddie diddlin’.

And why is it that once these accusations become really difficult to ignore or refute. That suddenly it’s all about “innocent until proven guilty” as if the legal standard prevents people from drawing conclusions from clear information. Or these acts aren’t a problem unless they end up proven in a specifically criminal court.

“sure he molested kids and abused women, but you know innocent until proven guilty”.


Unless his skin is the wrong color or his economic profile doesn’t measure up.


I’m half expecting GOP to start pushing for a reduction in the Age of Consent and a relaxation of the definition of Consent.


This shit (the apologists, not the rape, the rape transcends all political lines) is why foreigners see the Republicans as being similar to IS/Taliban etc.


Problem solved!




Crazier still is the fact that Jim Zeigler would make such a comment when he, himself, has a teenage daughter named Mary!! See the last sentence of his bio.