Stephen Colbert on Roy Moore and Louis CK's sexual misconduct


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Just more evidence that religion and moral posturing by the GOP is nothing more than bullshit, and those voter who hold their support for Republicans in league with their beliefs in god are nothing more that suckers and dupes.


And hey, the Virgin Mary was just a kid, and she got knocked up by the Holy Spirit, who is exactly six thousand years old. Joseph just made an honest woman of her.

We’ll just pass by the whole question of Jesus’ brothers.


It’s curious because the age element, which is the most bothersome on non-religious grounds, really isn’t salient from the biblical perspective. The legal age for marriage under traditional catholic canon law is 12 (which today sounds like a punchline, but - to be fair - is actually based on pre-Christian Roman civil law, with the menarche being an almost universal standard until advanced modernity. I don’t know about individual protestant sects, it was surely varied, but I doubt it differed all that much.)

(I know there are many other shady and/or sinful elements involved in Moore’s story, but the real mass outrage is clearly centered around statutory rape.)


Colbert in a landslide.


Republicans thinking siding with a pedophile is better than ceding a senate seat to a democrat tells you just how far off the rails our political process has gone.


Best part of Colbert’s monologue (as best as I can do from memory):

For those of you at home keeping track of the age difference in this story:


I liked this one: Moore’s action’s were not indescribable: His actions were illegal !


Best part of Colbert’s monologue…

Despite being toned down for the broadcast hour I think he’s still one of the best political comedians.


Is it too much to hope that Alabamians, 90 percent of who say religion is “very important” or “somewhat important” (more than any other state), are as disgusted as everyone else by the credible allegations of Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct against minors?

Sadly, yes.


In a second.


And Jon Stewart to replace that weasel Menendez in New Jersey. With Franken they’ll be the comedian caucus.


Maybe the argument here is that Roy Moore is the Holy Spirit? I mean, if he is, I suppose you could argue that human laws don’t apply to him. But personally I have my doubts about his divinity.


I guess it will be interesting when one day, the Republican base (“regular people”) figures out that they can still be against abortion and/or gun control and also NOT vote for people who stomp on the non-rich.

Side rant: I don’t understand single-issue voters who’s issue is abortion. Even if the law says you can have an abortion every day and twice on Sundays, you could still choose NOT to have an abortion. And, you could teach your brood that abortion is E-V-I-L. So why support GOPers that otherwise oppress you? Just because you want to force others to think like you? Won’t those nasty pro-choice people be judged on “judgement day?” Isn’t life just a warm up for the “big game” of eternity? If so, isn’t abortion the best thing to happen to a fetus (assuming they go straight to heaven)? And if a fetus goes to hell because they got aborted … doesn’t that mean that Big G is a Big A-Hole?


Thing is, once you believe life begins at conception, then abortion is murder, and a “person of conscience” must do all they can to prevent it. Just like an abolitionist was not satisfied with just not owning slaves themselves. I can understand this train of thought, just don’t agree with the initial premise.


“It’s all liberal lies and fake news”


“Out of all the voters we spoke with Friday in Columbiana, we didn’t find one voter who believed the Washington Post report about Moore.”


I would point out that at the time he made Mary pregnant, God was (depending on how you count) either four thousand or fourteen billion years old. Assuming the former and using the rule “half your age plus seven,” he should not have been dating anyone younger than 2,007. Mary was MUCH younger than that.


Christianity’s based on forgiveness, not punishment, and that’s everyone’s born a defective piece of crap. I suppose Jesus is the sole exception, which is why so many christians crap on his teachings and still immodestly claim to be christians.
Too, I mean, deep South: Is pederasty offensive or more like heritage and perfectly acceptable?
(Signed: Not-christian-not-southerner)


That was my knee jerk assessment. But I have been reflecting, and maybe they are not pro-pedo but simply do not believe anything they read in any mass circulation newspaper or media outlet cos those media outlets are always anti their ill-thought out backward views. Or put another way, its all liberal lies and fake news!