Stephen Colbert on Roy Moore and Louis CK's sexual misconduct

Jon Stewart would be all “that’s not my job, I’m a comedian, I don’t have the credentials” then someone would point at Trump…


But time passes differently for God, so in his sight she could have been as old as he liked.
This stuff is so easy…the thing about philosophy and theology is that you can do what you like because things like bridges and planes don’t fall out of the sky if you get it wrong. You just ruin people’s lives without any apparent direct connection.
Which is why in the end I concluded that engineering is far more moral than theology or philosophy. Engineering has visible consequences.

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Worthwhile thread here:

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I’m not saying they’re pro-pedo. I’m saying that, in their pecking order of hates, democrats somehow rank above pedophiles. But it is true that they have been groomed to distrust and disbelieve anything that doesn’t fit in with their world view. Republicans have been encouraging this for years, and now they are seeing the results - they have to cozy up to sexual assaulters and pedophiles or risk alienating their base.

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If she is really omniscient, time doesn’t really pass at all; she lives in a static plenum that includes all events that occur through all of time. “Omniscience” is a pretty tricky concept.

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