Locals say Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall for badgering teenage girls


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Start interviewing any young women in his family, the scumbag is a pedophile.


classy fellow. early in my teaching career when i was working in east texas (believe me when i say that anywhere in texas east of the trinity river is even more warped than the rest of my home state), i chaperoned a couple of dances at my school, a sixth grade only campus. each year i noticed a few of the girls on my campus were accompanied to the dance by guys in their early 20s. a couple of them got married, with their parents’ permission, during the summer between 6th and 7th grade. mainly to make sure the babies were legitimate.

ol’ roy would fit right into that milieu.


I understand St. Joseph got banned from the inn. They said “no room” but there was plenty room for those wise men. He was just like Judge Moore in many ways.


Time to start looking through copies of old yearbooks from Gadsden Middle School to see if any of the love notes were signed by an Assistant District Attorney.

EDIT: Oh he actually did sign at least one of the girls’ yearbooks. I must have heard something about this somewhere and assumed it was a joke because even a sex predator wouldn’t be that stupid…


Well that and the mall’s security staff found his van’s paintjob much more horrifying than a normally painted van should be in the 70’s


Ah, the morally-pure red states. BLECH.


They need to search this a##holes properties and storage.


But hey, at least he’s not a democrat! They are the real scum of the earth! /s


No, he’s not a Democrat, thank goodness! Because that’s not how we roll. Instead, he’s just a child molester/pedophile! Anyone who condones that lifestyle is the TRUE SCUM OF HE EARTH!


Um… Did you not see my sarcasm mark? And you do realize there are actually people who are thinking like that, too, right?


Welcome to BoingBoing!

(And yeah… This is not just a Right Wing problem, as evidenced by Mr. Weiner per @MindySan33)


Did no one see my sarcasm mark? :wink:


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He probably didn’t kill anyone. That’s what’s actually creepy AF to me. He’s being defended by a large swath of evangelicals, because there’s a large chunk of them who don’t think he did anything wrong.

Also, I’m in my 30s, and I cannot imagine wanting to date or marry a high schooler. Moore is gross. (And I say that as someone who will happily snack during The Brain Scoops’ dissection videos.)


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Who knows? But media featuring young girls and or mementos doesn’t seem unlikely.


Kind of agree. Even someone who is in their 20’s, I just find it hard to imagine having a real and meaningful relationship with someone that much younger. Of course, I’m the kind of person who likes there to be mutual respect and no imbalance in power with the relationship dynamic. This is why…



I think he was actually banned from several Bethlehem-area malls. For badgering teenage girls.