Roy Moore is still in the running because "values voters" would support Satan himself if he was anti-abortion and homophobic

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The GOP is the “family values” party – one of those abusive dysfunctional families.

I thought Situational Ethics, or moral relativism, was a tool of Satan?


They’re choosing to change their branding from being the party of Lincoln to being the party of Father Geoghan, Jimmy Saville and Uncle Ernie.

Ya’all deserve what happens to you next.



Unfortunately, if he’s elected to the Senate he’ll be visiting some of his Bronze-Age patriarchal misery on all Americans, which is an extra bonus for the spiteful mouth-breathers who support him.


Especially repugnant considering most of their stated rationale for persecuting LGBT people was in the name of “protecting children.”


The American Taliban has sank to new lows in their quest for wealth and authority. Jesus has been abandoned.


Since Trump’s election, I’ve been thinking a lot about how obsessed the right-wing Christian evangelical types are with the Book of Revelations and the story of the “False Prophet,” aka the Antichrist. The election made me realize that in that scenario, they’d actually be the first to give the Antichrist their support. If ever we had a modern leader we could describe as “anti-Christ” in their life and policies, it’d be Trump, yet the rapturous response by the Christian right - which literally includes people calling him as the Messiah - is telling. In right-wing tellings of the story, he’s a wishy-washy liberal Christian or fuzzy secular globalist, because that’s the kind of guy they could never, ever support, thus making their righteous denial of the Antichrist in their fictions possible. But obviously, someone who presented themselves as aligned with their ideology, no matter how much that was obviously untrue and no matter what the actual policies are, is embraced - and that’s exactly the kind of character actually described in the Biblical narrative.

By “ya’ll,” do you mean America? I wish the Republican-created misery was confined to themselves, that I fear the self-inflicted wounds of the Republicans aren’t (just) on their party but America as a whole. I keep thinking of the Trump slogan of “Make America Great Again” translates to “Die in a Fire, America,” and I sometimes think we have it coming.

It’s like Trump’s promise to protect LGBTQs (from Muslims) - it’s so the Christians can persecute them, instead. Got to protect the kids from the gays, so heterosexuals can molest them, instead. This is literally true - these are the states that pass (or try to pass) legislation that has harsher penalties for same-sex child molestation, because hetero molestation is “more natural.”


I think you over-emphasized Jesus Christ’s Teachings in this chart.


Probably, but it would be hard to see a single pixel.

OTOH, I’ve seen video of priests reading the Sermon on the Mount in church and the congregants get up and leave rather than listen to that “librul nonsense.”


They still are values voters. It’s just that their values are monstrous garbage.


Doesn’t Satan punish the evildoers? So, probably anti-GOP then, right?

I don’t know, I just can’t keep up any more. :pensive:


Can I buy this in car magnet form?


Here’s what the prophet Isaiah had to say about today’s Evangelical leaders: “Woe to the obstinate children,” declares the Lord, “to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin."

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The thing that really kills me is that the repug voters will back Moore because “at least he’s not a democrat” or because he theoretically holds the same ideals on homosexuality as them.

So the logic is that they don’t care about a grown ass man in a position of power abusing children, but really really do care about what two consenting adults do to each other (and aren’t hurting anyone in the process).
I just can’t parse that…


Thats the fucked up thing. They were obsessed with Obama, the college professor and community organizer, as being the Antichrist because, you know, he’s of an opposition political party and melanin content.

Meanwhile, we have a perfectly good candidate for the Antichrist in Donald Trump, the deceiver and huckster, who is rejected for it because he’s of a like political party.

Why dont we just ask Trump if he’s the Antichrist? Why don’t we casually mention that we dont think he’s up to it, that he is manifestly not qualified for it? I’m sure he’d tweet right back that he is the best, greatest, most fabulous Antichrist that’s ever been foretold, believe me.


Fixed that for you.


I have to point out respectfully that Isaiah is one of those left wingers who nobody listens to any more. Along with Jeremiah, whose book I once heard summarised as “If you don’t pay attention to the poor, the widows and orphans, your State will eventually collapse” - which as he’s roughly of the same era as Kung Fu Tse and his famous observation to the Duke “Consider the woes of the people if you would sit calmly on your throne”, would suggest that left wingery has quite a long history.


Moore molested children.