Ex-GOP chair tells Trump-supporting evangelicals to"‘shut the hell up!"


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Roy Moore gets a pass too.


I do love me some ends-justifying-the-means logic from the FRC. Jesus was totally cool with that brand of thinking, right?


Really any conservative who bolsters their sense of white male entitlement and promises to undermine the Establishment Clause. Evangelical fundies have been a pox on the American body politic since at least the days of the “Moral Majority.”


It’s honestly depressing that the Christian Right is far closer to the behaviors that Jesus explicitly called out as damnable (heh) than the vast majority of the rest of the country, regardless of religious affiliation.

AKA “Hans, uh I mean Bubba, are we the baddies?”


“were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists.”

Always amazes me to hear stuff like this. These people don’t know what oppression looks like, they just believe what Fox News tells them about it.


There was this too I spotted on twitter


To me it sounds like Trump is acting like he’s gonna to build a giant sewing needle in the desert so he and all of his wealthy friends and donors can walk their camels through the eye of it.


the evangelical support is not about morals/values…it’s about party lines. If Jesus was a democrat and Satan was a Republican…they’d vote Satan all the way.

(side note: Jesus is ABSOLUTELY a democrat.)


I’ll pay more attention to the fundies when they actually start walking the walk about avoiding shellfish and not wearing mixed fabrics. Till then they can just keep yammering to themselves.


Ask them a question about Bill Clinton, then ask about their opinion of a person who breaks their vows of matrimony. When they condemn Clinton for cheating tell them you were actually thinking of Trump and thank them for condemning him.

That prohibition against mixed fabrics applies even to undergarments, right? So the acceptable answers for those evangelicals to give when asked the question “boxers or briefs?” should be “linen wrap” or “nothing”.


They’ve been at it for much longer than that:

”For the African race, such as Providence has made it, and where He has placed it in America, slavery was the righteous, the best, yea, the only tolerable relation.”

-Robert Lewis Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South


But don’t forget—Bill Clinton wasn’t just unfaithful to his wife, he has also been associated with notorious billionaire pedophile sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein oh wait that’s right.


Tony Perkins of the right-wing Family Research Council, said Trump gets “a do-over” because evangelicals “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists.”

I’d like to point out Obama was unfailingly deferential to Evangelicals, but he did refuse to stop being black at them.


Obama even had the gall to attend a church with a pastor who once implied that America was imperfect, rather than the church Donald Trump presumably attends but never ends up in the news for some reason.


Yet - he still hasn’t left the Republican Party?


Lost in the ridiculousness of the sanctimony is the failure of the mulligan metaphor and the lack of a follow up to it:

A mulligan is a do-over, with the expectation that the next golf shot “counts”. Why did the interviewer not ask: “I get it - you’re willing to overlook a mistake. What happens when/if he messes up again, and how have you rationalized his already repeated mistakes?”



Guess what evangelicals…you haven’t seen the left mess with you like we’re going to. It will be huge.


Such a strange God of the Gaps these Evangelicals worship, so counter to the dogma they purport to uphold.


When you elect the living embodiment of The Seven Deadly Sins for president, clearly you’re not particularly concerned about hypocrisy. Hypocrisy: make that Eight Deadly Sins.