White evangelical support for Donald Trump at all-time high


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Wow, it’s almost like they have zero integrity.


My thoughts about such flagrant hypocrites:


Evangelicals (which most of America understands is a synonym for “horrifying right-wing morally-corrupt freaks that are an embarrassment to the rest of the country”) have an extremely narrow field of vision when it comes to their priorities. They’ll happily overlook Trump’s multiple infidelities, corruption, lies, rape, etc if he punishes gay people, makes abortion more difficult, and moves the embassy to Jerusalem. So of course they’re happy with him.


White evangelicals:

  • drop out of high school
  • knock up the cousin
  • buy obnoxiously large $60k diesel pickup truck, park it in front of $10k trailer
  • seek out Oxycontin
  • blame everything wrong in your life on people that are brown/black
  • hate anything from the middle east
  • idolize the rich, after-all you are just a billionaire in waiting
  • watch gobs of TV, but don’t read a book, they’re all Marxist bullshit
  • when cornered shout out any combination of the following: librul, socialism, brainwashed, sad, emails, obama, racial epitaph, gay slur
  • seek out a loud mouthed idiot leader who talks like you because it reinforces the idea that your sad existence could amount to something someday


It seems appropriate that the circle for hypocrites has extra room…



Fortunately for them their leaders know there other ways to attract the gullible and the desperate. In that they have a lot in common with the “president” they support.


He’s their reflection…



It actually makes sense. Idiots.


Maybe the ones with integrity end up leaving, which is why their overall numbers are dropping, and the concentration of Trumpites in the remainder is increasing…


In fairness these polls are not a good reflection of religious POV in the US. See this breakdown of the issue post election. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/no-the-majority-of-american-evangelicals-did-not-vote-for-trump/

There are other sources on this topic, but it’s important to note that evangelical in this context does not equate to the same thing as a follower of Christ (Christian). As noted with comments here the definition appears interchangeable, but it isn’t.


Except for that guy that promised to make them all rich, with fleets of luxury automobiles and private jets, a couple of thousand years ago.


I know that’s Dante’s 8th Circle of Hell, but I totally read it as Malebolgia, the evil fucker from Spawn:


That’s actually not fair. I mean, I think that’s obvious, but remember that empathy is not the same thing as sympathy, and is a key strength of the Forces of Not-Crazy.

I grew up surrounded by evangelicals in the rural south. We moved in from a northeastern state, and I was absolutely traumatized. That which does not kill, etc., it made me extremely anti-authoritarian, and I harbored a serious grudge for a long time.

But it is important to recognize that evangelicals are internally diverse. Not all of them agree with all the bullshit, but they have a rigid, authoritarian, male and old-person dominated culture. They’re massively threatened by many things - the internet, increasing secularization, increasing diversity, their own overreach, and more.

I don’t say that as a defense - they’re likely to get nastier in their fear. But I do say that it is important to recognize they’re not so easily stereotype-able, both so as to not underestimate them, and also because a substantial number of them are more culturally trapped than true believers. Convert their youngin’s, is what I’m sayin’.

I tend to think of them as a small and slowly-fading special interest group united by an authoritarian distrust of freedom anger at their own failure to market themselves in changing times and at their fellow citizens’ ability to live satisfying lives with radically differing ethics.


How to get the white evangelical vote:

  • Hate the poor
  • Hate your neighbor
  • Love your killing machine
  • Love money.

Basically, take the teachings of Jesus and do the opposite.


More often than not in the U.S. these days it signifies the opposite. That’s why I call them Xtianists instead of Christians. They worship Mammon and Moloch.

The real problem here is with the bulk of the white evangelical leadership* who embrace and make excuses for this grotesque, corrupt, hateful and depraved “president”.

[* I use that term loosely]


Not as diverse as they used to be.


This was an interesting article I read recently on this topic. Christian Nationalism.

(Not for whatever video is up top, wasn’t interested in that. The article is very interesting.)


Over here (UK) we call them Daily Mail readers.


The far right have a long history of distorting Christianity beyond it’s breaking point.