Evangelicals "rationalizing" their support of Trump


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These “Christians” really need to learn about Christ!


I read the rationalizing in the headline and imagine some kind of hidden pattern saying “Trump Is Yuuge”. Am I right? Does it make sense for me to read the article?


I’m under the impression this will actually cost him a lot of the Evangelical vote. Also, like most writers, Wehner completely ignores the Christian left.


It won’t cost him the subset of evangelicals who believe in prosperity theology. They were convinced long ago that all liberals and democrats are against God. They may have issues with Trump, but to them, Clinton is a Godless heathen. But you’re right, in that the writer of this article seems to forget that there are also liberal, progressive evangelicals. Unfortunately, I think that’s a minority of self identifying evangelicals.


The Christian right has little to do with Christianity. They love their self righteous judgment of others almost as much as they despise the poor. The sooner that we rid ourselves of the Evangelical political influence the better.


I know some “evangelical” Christians™ who support Drumpf. They support him because they believe, of all the people who were running for President this time, he is the one most likely to get this country into a nuclear war. They are obsessed with the “end times” and the “Rapture” and they think Drumpf is likely to be such a wild ass that he will nuke somebody and that will start their martyrdom ball rolling. Yes, these people actually support this human pus pocket because they want America to get nuked. This is what Christianity™ has degenerated to.

But unfortunately, while the minds of “evangelical” Christians™ are rotting, “evangelical” Christianity™ is actually growing. Every year there are more and more of these inbred, willfully ignorant lunatics, and every year they get more and more vocal and active in politics. Why do you think these goons cheer turds like the Duggars, who consider women not wives so much as talking brood sows, and get so rabid over abortion? They want their ilk to breed as much as possible, to increase their power by increasing their voter base. The right-wing extremist politics of sex.


Selling crazy to the crazy people is tRump’s speciality. He’s very good at it.


There was a time when evangelicals helped get Jimmy Carter elected, but were disappointed he didn’t move to ban abortion.

If you’re going to use the Bible to guide who to vote for, perhaps you should choose which part of the Bible most applies, the Old Testament, the four Gospels, the writings of Paul, or Revelation. My impression is a lot of evangelicals spend more time thinking about the book of Revelation than the book of Matthew, so why not vote Trump-- you can’t have a Rapture without an anti-Christ.


If we’re talking about people who support the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson then they have a gift for rationalizing.


Conservative Evangelicals rationalize their entire theological house of cards, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.


Conservative evangelical Christianity has been about tribalism (and racism) more than God for a while now. There’s evidence that the younger generation might want to shift that back, but at the moment, “Mexicans are Rapists” is something that most conservative evangelical Christians will vote for over “God’s a pretty cool guy and also Mexicans are NOT rapists.”


Not that I’m exactly enamoured of Nietzsche, but there is at least a possibly, which I have seen referenced in some German writing, that rather than welcoming the Superman he was describing the way he thought society was going. At risk of getting politely flamed here, I would suggest that often the problem with German philosophers is that they could write a book of a thousand pages or so entitled something like “Good and evil”, and at the end you would be more confused about ethics than when you started.
Cf. Hegel, and among the theologians Barth.


I have a suspicion that in reality they are most likely “playing with it” just like the idiots morons useful idiots in Sunderland who voted to leave the EU and then realised next day that they had probably voted to export their jobs to Slovakia, because really deep down inside they didn’t take it seriously. Many people increasingly seem to see reality as a kind of soap opera; if you die or do something really stupid you just get reincarnated or it turns out to have been a dream.
I suspect that if they actually lived in Tel Aviv their attitudes would be very different.


It’s interesting to see the change in Evangelical support over the last year. From September last year:


And May this year:

No data with that article though. I wonder how much the support for him has changed compared with other sectors? This article claims that the support is concentrated among non-churchgoing Evangelicals:


Is that related to ‘The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus’?


Why would you believe thiis? When do they vote with their conscience over Dominionism?


I agree and disagree with this. I think Nietzsche did prefer the Overman* to the Last Man, but I also agree that he was being prophetic rather than moralizing.

Of course Trump is no Overman. The Overman has no need for selfishness, as Zarathustra says, “Bless the cup that is about to overflow”. The Overman is the opposite of tribalism, advising that we flee from our neighbours and love those farthest from us. The Overman does not accept the authority of others and disdains those who do, even those who accept the authority of the Overman.

* I greatly prefer “Overman” to “Superman” as a translation.


May Lee Atwater continue rotting in hell.


Rapture theology is a recent phenomenon in theological terms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture. It’s no more valid than any other “literal” interpretation of scripture. When Trump gets us nuked, your friends will feel really stupid. For a fraction of a second.