Trump ridicules Christians in private

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A perfect example of a story liberals think will change things, but which doesn’t change anything at all. The idea that God might use such a man to usher in the kingdom of heaven is delicious to evangelicals.

Any liberal or progressive who thinks this will change the mind of even one of Biff’s Xtianist supporters hasn’t been paying attention. They’re all fully invested in the death cult.




“Conservative Christian” is a meaningless phrase anymore. “Crotch Christian” is a more descriptive term. Their involvement with their religion is only in what other people (emphasis there) have between their legs and what they do with it. No more and no less. All that caring for the poor, the immigrant and the wayfarer, blessed are the peacemakers, etc. is just commie lies about the real message of the Gospel, which is to get yours before they get theirs.


I thought Trump would admire those evangelical leaders who manage to scam millions from their followers.


Trump: “Wow. These people are full of shit.”

Evangelicals and Pence: “Wow. What a dumbass. He buying into this shit.”


I still think the best thing to do would be to point out that Trump is a broke-ass con man who is a loser- and anyone who supports him is a weak-minded idiot who’s been conned.

Implications of sexual inadequacy (both on Donald Trump’s and the supporter’s behalf), physical ugliness, and moral depravity are optional… but potentially helpful.

Remember, they are bullies and they like their alpha bully. make him feel like a loser to them and make them feel like losers for supporting him and they won’t.

Oh: and to any Trump supporters reading this who feel personally attacked: good! Screw you, I don’t care what any loser moron who supports trump thinks.


Those who are already invested in Trump can’t admit that, it would destroy them.

The language isn’t helping, either.

I remember a guy who called in to James O’Brian and admitted he voted for Brexit, and he’s sorry now that he finally realized what he’d done to the country. The guy was devastated, and in tears. It takes a lot of courage to do that. James O’Brian handled the situation admirably.

If you don’t give people a way out of this that saves face, most will just double down.



Well of course not. Fundamentalist xtianity is itself a massive con. Once you’ve bought into that, you’ll buy into anything.


It’s never been about the true believers. As soon as the evangelicals jumped on board the trump train, we knew that they’d be behind their man all the way. Just like they were 100% behind every other grifter and liar who can make it look like they’re on their side in the great culture war. If the fraud of Bakker and Olsteen didn’t phase them, if they could embrace Hollywood actor Reagan and frat boy W Bush, then of course the bogus, bankrupt casino magnate would be no problem for them. Appearing rich and successful is a proxy for god’s favour, right?

The point of all of these revelations is to act at the margins. To raise so much of a stink of corruption and failure around the candidate as to put off the few remaining “principled conservatives”, and more importantly, the bloc of late deciders and undecided voters who broke in Trump’s favour last time and handed him his normal polling error and upset victory. The idea is to have people reflexively think negatively of him whenever they hear his name, and use that to energise your supporters sour undecided voters on the candidate and sap energy from their side.

As a side note, this is another reason why Clinton was such a bad choice for 2016. She had been a hate symbol of the right since 1992, so nearly 30 years of a steady drip of negativity and fake scandal inevitably had an effect on public perceptions. Half the population was printed to hate her from the word go, which would give the best candidate a difficult mountain to climb with the electorate.


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@beschizza : you do know that certain people will take this painting (?) seriously, right?


If there was video, maybe just audio, of Trump actually deriding Christians, I think it would possibly undermine him. But a news story or article from a traditionally liberal magazine won’t make any headway.



I don’t think it will change things (at least not for most of Trump’s followers) but that doesn’t mean it’s not a story that deserves to be reported.


Even then it wouldn’t do much.

He’d ask for forgiveness and well, well, you know how it goes.


It’s ok because none of the “christians” who vote for Trump actually believe the teachings of christ.


No, he would not. He is on record as saying that he has never asked for forgiveness because he has never done anything that needed forgiveness. And the “Christians,” for whom asking forgiveness is the core of their whole belief system, were A-OK with that.


You are right.

I was referring to the multitudes of republicans who have been caught cheating, doping and who knows what and then playing the forgiveness card and returning to business as usual. So much of this going on that Hallmark must surely have a card section.


It might be comforting to think this is true, but I know many well-meaning christians who voted for Trump. I suspect that there is more skepticism and questioning among the clergy than among the flock. Some christians are so indoctrinated that they even knew it was wrong to support trump but couldn’t figure out a way to do anything else. They have a mind virus, and this is what a mind virus does to you. If you are willing to believe fantastical stories based on a book full of errors and call it ‘faith’, and call faith a virtue, what won’t you believe? Any statement, issued with enough authority by anyone who claims it to be christian will be believed. Like young-earthers–the bible doesn’t say the earth is 5000 years old. Somebody added up a bunch of begats and estimates of dates and concluded that, and then made it the basis for a whole cult, and well-meaning people infected with the mind virus say ‘well this christian says it must be true, so I’ll believe it.’