Christianity Today: Trump should be impeached and removed, 'morally lost and confused'

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Unlikely voice of reason?


In other news, Christianity Today’s editor in chief being marched to the door by security.


Uh, yeah. Because then they get President Pence and all their theocracy dreams come true.


Perhaps: it sounds like the Trumpies where smart enough to get Pence involved in the scheme as well, so if Trump were impeached the House could turn around and write him up on the same charges.


That scenario worries me and I don’t even live in America.


Yeah. I am not saying “don’t remove Trump”, but be very wary of RW Evangelical orgs’ reasons for wanting it. We want rule of law. They want to be the law.


Trump has been building a theocracy already. He just cut out the middle man and declared himself Messiah.


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Well said.


“a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused.”

While I appreciate the call for removal, this language strikes me as removing Biff’s own malicious bullying agency and setting up the possibility of “love the sinner, hate the sin” redemption for what we know is the thoroughly irredeemable.

The evidence of his 40 years in the spotlight as America’s foremost public grifter, of his responses to his critics and of his pandering to his thuggish fans shows that he’s neither “lost” nor “confused” when it comes to his reprehensible behaviour.


I’m not going to argue that this perspective doesn’t inform some evangelicals. However, you seem to be claiming to know for sure that this piece was absolutely motivated by that perspective. You really don’t have any way to know that.

I don’t think describing Trump as morally “lost & confused” in any way excuses any of his behavior, now or historical. What they should have done, is to have made a major point of this prior to his having been elected. I think any reasonable person has known he was morally lost and confused for essentially the entirety of his life. I doubt he got sent to military school for being a charming little guy…


Yes, we do. The nonstop attempts to outlaw abortion should be all the proof you need.


It’s not like Trump has been holding back on appointing anti-abortion judges though.


For you and I, no. For a Xtianist publication that trafficks in evangelical redemption narratives for arseholes and that’s spent the last few years staying silent on his behaviour, though, the language strikes me as fishy.

Biff isn’t “lost” or “confused”. He’s a bully and a thug who knows exactly what he’s doing.

The story I’ve heard is that he got caught throwing rocks at a baby. That’s what it took to get Fred to finally overrule Donnie’s doting mom and send him away to military school.


Well, then this is a totally semantic argument, I suppose, and I can duck out now. I’d describe any horrible person who does horrible things as being morally lost and confused. Neither of those terms means accidental, unintentional, or deserving of acceptance.

Any reference for this? I’ve been curious for a while about whether he may have been sent off for doing something horrible and specific that most reasonable, contemporary folks would interpret as an obvious sign of sociopathy/psychopathy. And, well, throwing rocks at a baby would certainly be that!


“Donald was known to be a bully, I was a little kid, and my parents didn’t want me beaten up,” said Burnham, 65, a business consultant in Texas.

Once when she left Dennis in a playpen in a back yard adjoining the Drumpfs’ property, Martha Burnham returned to find Donald throwing rocks at her son. “She saw Donald standing at the fence,” Dennis Burnham said, “using the playpen for target ­practice.”

Poor little “lost and confused” Donnie.


Sounds like sociopathy/psychopathy to me. Makes total sense, given how he’s lived his life. Not an excuse by any means, but sociopathy and psychopathy are real things affecting a few percent of the population, and I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if Donald Trump was firmly on that spectrum.


I wonder how much of the stain of impeachment jibes with the prosperity gospel’s idea of a God anointed success. Is Trump damaged goods to them now?




According to Donald Trump’s own autobiography he was sent off to military school after punching a music teacher “who didn’t know anything about music,” giving that teacher a black eye.

However there’s been no corroborating evidence that this happened, and it doesn’t really fit with the profile of a bully known for punching down.

Which leads us to the obvious question: if Trump thought a story about getting sent to military school for assaulting a teacher made him look better (and all the stories he tells about himself are meant to make him look better), what kind of horrible things was he REALLY doing at that age??