A harrowing look inside the apocalyptic Evangelical cult around Donald Trump

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not enough for that wrathful, vengeful, Old Testament God that these people believe in

Gods, plural. Namely, Mammon and Moloch. These are not Christians, they are Xtianists: members of a bigoted and xenophobic death cult. Of course they’d support Biff: he’s a prophet of greed and hate.

the ways that I try to approach these issues with that specific breed of Eschatological Evangelicals who would gladly usher in the Endtimes at any cost just to know that they’d be saved from “Hell.”

The way I try to approach their issues is by avoiding them and doing everything I can to discount their rotten views. I have one life on this planet (with no afterlife), and it’s way too short for me to spend time trying to debate people like this.


thought of as I listened to a recent article from Rolling Stone written by a recovering Evangelical named Alex Morris.

How did you listen to the article?


Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount pretty much nullifies these folks’ core values.


Indeed. You can’t debate them once they’ve hit this level. If you try to, they will just spout their BS, and mentally say “tsk, tsk, tsk” the entire time you talk.

When you’re done talking, they will either repeat what they just said, or bring up something completely unrelated since they can’t possibly consider they might be wrong.

Which they are.


Nope, that was just “pussy Jesus.” They only believe in “macho Jesus,” although that is the same Jesus who went on a commie rampage clearing the respectable capitalists from the temple, so they have to edit that pretty carefully. No, actually, they only believe in Molloch dressed up in a robe. They will never admit that, though. The whole sacrificing children, though, they are all about that!


I always imagined that when Christian Fundamentalists took over the United States they’d pick a leader who at least PRETENDED to go to church or read the Bible or ask forgiveness of his sins. I guess I gave them too much credit.



Religious posers who don’t give AF about hatred, climate change, bigotry, racism, lying, grifting, etc. etc. because of their fatalist belief of an impending rapture can just just fuck the hell off this planet.

Alex ended that piece saying there was nothing left to talk about with those people. They are a lost cause. Hopeless and wandering in a bubble of delusion.


If you want to believe and justify anything whatsoever just use the bible(s), which ever one works best for your beliefs. You can alway find some ‘theologist’ who has a take you can use.


If you click through the link there’s an audio embed at the top of the article.


especially the “woe to the rich” and “the first shall be last, the last shall be first” parts of it. At best people pretend that sermon was about some hippie commune when it’s more like a revolution for the poor and downtrodden. But so many of these people think their god wants them to be rich.


I’d argue too little. They made the decision to go with a guy who can and is getting them almost everything they want rather than someone who merely gives them the appearance of piety. It’s a symbiotic relationship that they both stumbled into, but you can’t argue with results.

They’ve stacked the judiciary for a generation and they’re already on the brink of effectively overturning Roe, which nobody thought was a reasonable possibility 15 years ago. Once that happens (and I’m leaning toward it being more probable than not at this point), I have no fucking clue what rules apply any more for what’s possible for these people to get through and anybody who says they do is lying.



I would assume that Brainspore meant a President who served their interests and had the appearance of piety .


Does Randy Savage have Jesus in a sleeper hold? Wow, man, that is a bold statement!


WHITE “CHRISTIAN” NATIONALISTS with guns, self-righteousness and grievances. They worship wealth and the wealthy, despise the OTHER, the sinful poor. They see Russia favorably. They would model America on Russia’s homophobia, xenophobia, racism, white supremacy, and “Christianity.” burningcrossess2


Simple answer: “yes.”


I understand that, what I’m saying is that I think these people made the smarter political choice to not wait for or even try for that person any longer, and prioritize winning over all else. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with what Brainspore said as much as making a related point–the “credit” to which I’m referring is slightly different, assuming that he’s speaking more to a “moral” type of credit and I’m speaking more to a “cunning” type of credit.

Everybody else was out there arguing about whether the rules of checkers or chess apply, and they went with a guy who was willing to burn the goddamn board down and dare anyone to stop him.


At this point, the hope is that they do it on grounds that will still allow blue states to keep it legal.