Alabamians explain why they are voting for Roy Moore


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NPR’s Morning Edition covered this today via interviews with Alabama residents expressing their intent to vote for Moore and reason for doing so. I’ll save time for those who haven’t heard it yet:

Abortion. The answer is abortion.



I didn’t get very far in that clip.


Thank you, I wasn’t looking forward to wading through that particular cesspit either.


The phrase “Alabama values” comes up a lot when people talk about how much they like Roy Moore. I can only assume that Alabamans are just used to kid-fucking (as long as it’s a man with a girl of course!)


It still boils down to “they’re horrible people”, but it’s nice to know the specifics.


As a Canadian, I will defer to my compatriot Neil on this one:


I didn’t watch the video, but I think for some the reason to vote him in is to keep the seat Republican. Then get him out immediately and replace him but keep it Republican. Politics suck.


All my high school friends in AL are posting against Moore on Facebook, but sadly I fear they’re outnumbered. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised.

Edit: Am pleasantly surprised. I appreciate for the first time that some of my friends inexplicably decided to continue to reside in AL after I got the fuck out of there the first opportunity I could.



I honestly cannot say I would be sad if something horrific happened to any one of these people. My heart seriously would be warmed by finding out one of these people got hit by a car, fell down the stairs, anything.

I am sick of people like this being on this planet. Just die and reduce the surplus population already.


It’s almost as if the moralizing bluenoses in the Bible Belt will dispense with any pretense of ethical behavior if it suits their narrow-minded interests.


Yep, mine too. #NotAllAlabamians


“I love Alabama,” said Leeds native and former NBA basketball star Charles Barkley, “but at some point we’ve got to draw a line in the sand and say, 'We’re not a bunch of damn idiots.”’



Oh yay, is this the designated protest corner where we let our bigoted stereotypes about Southern “white trash” hang out?

(Actually, this thread isn’t so bad in that respect, so far, “yay” for reals for that.)


It’s just a damn shame what is most likely to happen with this vote, is mostly what is so frustrating.

I so hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Edit: Yay!!! SO pleasantly surprised.


All these people are so keen to say that Moore has only been accused of a crime and deserves to be judged in the courts.

Kinda makes you wonder what they had to say about Hillary’s alleged crimes, huh… HUH?