'Atheists, homosexuals and transgender individuals' upset Alabama's chief justice


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Such an easily-upset individual probably shouldn’t be entrusted with such a high-stress, high-value position.


Oh ffs your bosses said it wasn’t. Suck it up and put on your big boy pants.


Historically speaking, people like him who are vehemently anti- anti- anti- tend to have a few skeletons in the family closet. (I know that’s an old trope, but it seems to pan out more often than not.) I have my popcorn and Coke ready for the when the shitshow inevitably begins…


He sounds pretty judgemental for a judge.


take a chill pill, your honor


It boggles the mind someone so dumb can rise so high. Then I remember Trump.


People like him, with preconceived prejudices, should never be part of the judicial system. And I’d say that if he were anti-Christian, anti-straight male, anti-fillintheblank.


Poor widdle baby.

Oh, wait, this is the South…

Bless his little heart.


This is a great example of “I don’t need to read the rest of this sentence to know you’re an asshole.”


This is about my marriage

When they’re asking you to marry them, that’s not the meaning they’re using!


What about commies? Are commies ok?


You know what, Roy’s actually right on one point. [Sorry, but he doesn’t deserve to be called a judge much less a state’s chief justice.] The complaints should go to the Supreme Court … with a request to have Roy found in contempt of court and forced to resign, be imprisoned, be fired, and/or enroll in a remedial Constitution 101 course.


And under no circumstances allowed to be re-elected. This is where democracy can be an issue. Sometimes the majority of people who vote in an election will vote for a bigot. In the same sense that there are some rights you don’t get to vote on, there should be some Constitution-violating stances that should disqualify you from “public service” (or self service, as Roy Moore is wont to do).


What about bisexual Pagans? I feel left out, I want to upset him too!


If I were a reporter, I’d follow him around looking for a trail of rent-boys or underaged girls.


(I realize you were probably joking but …) It’s not feasible for most individuals in the U.S. to even apply to have their case brought before SCOTUS. Besides which, it’s Roy’s job as a lawyer in a judicial capacity to understand rulings from SCOTUS and follow them appropriately.

It’s a much easier for the average person to address these issues with their state bar than it is—on no money and no hope of a payout even if successful—to hire a lawyer and get heard by SCOTUS.


Is his argument completely circular or am I just confused?


How does this asshole keep getting in positions of power?

This was the same judge who was removed from the Court a decade ago for judicial misconduct, after he was sanctioned for personally directing that the 10 commandments statue be installed. (See: Glassroth v. Moore)


Because you say so, of course.