Alabamians explain why they are voting for Roy Moore

But her emailllllzzzzzz!!!1!!111!!1


As Southern white trash myself, I’m allowed.

All these Roy Moore supporters can get bent.


Because all those stories we hear about Alabama are true?


The sad truth is if a group of Jones voters were in the same room and asked roughly the same questions and challenged in a similar way, there’s a solid chance they’d sound nearly as ridiculous.

This is what extreme divisiveness does: it shunts the mechanism that keeps us in touch enough to hold others to account and say “you’re wrong, that’s stupid, here’s why…”. Thought is like food. Left unattended it tends to rot.


Did that guy really say the reason black folks don’t vote R is that “they be stupid?”

Yeah it is race and abortion and religion and “they be stupid”.


I’ll just leave this here.


Remind me again why we had a war to force these cretins back into the union.


It would only sound nearly as ridiculous if you ignore the context where, you know, one group is defending their support of a pedophile, and the other group isn’t. The specifics seem important here.


I’d guess no, they wouldn’t.

I’m no big fan of establishment Dems and the way they too lead their voters around by the nose with false promises anad simplistic visions. However, Moore and those in power pushing for him to win have dredged up and fanned the flames of some of the worst sentiment and “thought” that American politics currently has to offer.



That sentiment is why I don’t wear open toed shoes or sandals to anywhere outside ma’ home.

Mobs don’t move so much as they trample.

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Moore was such a piece of crap even before the child-predator stuff came out… He is a self-dealing, corrupt bigot who isn’t even widely popular in his own state (He twice lost a run for governor).

Less reported is the way that he funneled buckets of money to himself through a charity meant to fight for his unconstitutional installation of the ten commandments statue.

The only silver lining is that so much of the Trump coalition have hitched their wagon to this dickbag that should he be elected, it will be a persuasive talking point for the DEM’s in 2018. The GOP is courting a pyrrhic victory with this guy.


Almost? From here it looks like Exactly.


Then of course Lynyrd Skynyrd had a reply with Sweet Home Alabama which while a great tune, was never much of a rejoinder. Neil Young had another reply to that as well.


This is where the Dem’s are suckered time and time again. The GOP wields morals at its whim, constantly contradictory and duplicitous, and their supporters like it that way. And the Dems keep looking for a moral standard the can uphold, and they keep losing…


Should I bring up that my wife’s class of 2004 was a few dozen people after the pregnancies and accidental deaths?


This woman isn’t white trash, she’s someone who owned a small business and is now retired. She’s also the one who said that Roy Moore’s accusers are liars and that it’s a George Soros assassination plot, and said that Roy Moore had more integrity than anyone in Washington.

It has nothing to do with poor and white trash, it has much more to do with whiteness, preserving privilege, and religion. A full half of these people said their vote is based on fiscal values.


Handy Link. thanks, of course I had to see which 3 states were worse than Alabama and I can’t say was surprised.

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I don’t think there’s any other play to make though… what else can they do but stand up for superior moral principles? Do you think that the Dem’s should welcome some pro-lifers in to split the vote in the south? That all I can see as potentially working… but what a cost.

It’s true that the GOP sacrifices principles for wins time and again, but I have to believe that it will have long term costs to their fragile coalition. I have to believe!

My hope is that what plays in Alabama doesn’t necessarily in Ohio; a candidate like Moore will do much harm outside the state. They’re creating an image of what a GOP candidate is and that’s really damaging in purple areas.


I’m sure this had nothing to do with it.

tl;dr Local news glossed over or minimized the abuse allegations against Moore while national news was much more critical. Hooray for low information voters.


The Drive-by Truckers’ “Ronnie and Neil” is worth a listen, too, to get another perspective on that whole “feud”.