Trump supporters in Alabama give reasons why they'll vote for him


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I’ve spent the past 10 days hosting a German family. Even took them to a WWII exhibit at a local museum (at their request). We are all in agreement that we’ve seen this shit before and should be sounding the alarms loud and clear.


To be fair, he followed up that quote by saying, “just kidding!” Because that makes it all right to talk about hunting humans.


They want a businessman to run the country to stop jobs being outsourced?

I wonder if they think he can get rid of the national debt by declaring the country bankrupt?


JFC up a tree. I guess conservatives have dropped the pretense entirely at this point.


Pretty much. If one of them came out and said “I hate anyone who isn’t white!”, I would find that refreshing.


Wow, so the interviews I’d previous read with his Southern supporters talking about how they liked him because he was just like [famous segregationist politician] were actually the better ones…


Am I the only one thinking that the media’s obsession with his candidacy is only helping him? It’s not even real coverage. “Trump tweeted Xyz to Megan Kelly”. So glad that’s a story.


Hasn’t Trump already said he hates everybody who is not white, is not a man, or is a loser.


That’s a nice way to say it without playing the Hitler card.


The mind boggles. How are there Trump-supporting protectionists who are still unaware of this?


And just when you think things can’t get any more insane, other Republicans are trying out the response that Trump is too much of a liberal.


I was just wondering if there were any Republicans with the principles to say that they don’t want to pander to racists and don’t want racist’s votes.

Couldn’t find any.

The best I could do was Gary Johnson, who I guess will be the Libertarian candidate again.


Heard a reporter speak to this the other day, and he was saying that they [the media] follow the story, and in this case, the story is The Donald. The ratings for the Repub Debate echo this sentiment, sadly, and as that same reporter said, it appears that Trump will only go away once he tires of this little game.


Trump will go away when he gets fed up of spending his own money, or it starts to look like he might win.

As long as he’s prepared to pay to massage his ego and troll everyone, he’ll stick around.


Look, I’m starting to get genuinely worried about this jackass.
The numbers keep creeping up. He keeps sticking around.
My worry is that there are more people that “believe” in him than we think, and that’s very, very scary.
Who do the republicans have to put up against him?
Hillary, who’s Hillary.
And Bernie, who (and I know this hurts to hear) isn’t going anywhere.
So. Yeah. Worried.


The good news is that his “negative favorability” numbers haven’t been going down. A core of rabid supporters isn’t going to let him win if a clear majority of voters hate him so much they’ll vote for virtually any alternative.


Ah, but which alternative?
There are like 15 other candidates (last I knew, anyway), so even if folks are willing to vote for anyone else, unless a sufficient number of them vote for someone else, we could still end up in the weeds.
Divide and conquer, I think they call it.


The field is going to be a lot narrower before this thing gets to the party nomination, let alone the general election. If FiveThirtyEight doesn’t think Trump has a chance then I’m not really worried.


‘We’ being the Republican party?

If they want to choose an unelectable candidate (again), they’re welcome to. The only issue I have really is what it does to the perceived ‘centre’ ground.