Trump threatens independent presidential run if Republicans are mean to him


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Yes Mr. Trump & GOP, please send every Man, Woman, Minority, & Veteran in the USA to the Democrats, you’re doing fine!


That GIF is the best/most lasting image of Trump that I have.
I like to imagine that’s what he’s like most of the time- that it’s his standard state of being.




Whatever gives the desperate and oft-bankrupt millionaire (he can’t be worth anywhere near a billion dollars by this point) some extra $$$.


Republicans worse nightmare: Trump as an Independent.

And Trump is skillfully holding it out there as his nuclear option.


If Trump wants to stand out and draw attention to himself, perhaps he should drop the camouflage. (Wearing a red, white and blue suit while standing in front of American flags.)




The one thing I appreciate about conservative-right parties is that every once in a while some of the biggest nuts in the bunch will decide the rest isn´t nutty enough for them, leave and take a number of votes with them. Always a good laugh when it happens.


I’ve been hearing a few conspiracy minded people suggest that Trump is secretly a Democrat and all this is a ruse to guarantee a Clinton victory. I think that’s crazy, but it might be the most logical explanation for Trump’s nonsense.



The Overton Window theory suggests that Trump’s totally nuts and inappropriate behavior actually serves a purpose for the political establishment. It makes those politicians who are slightly less nuts look pretty reasonable by comparison, when otherwise they might be viewed as the extremists.

Simply because Trump exists as a supposed candidate, every other candidate - no matter how reactionary or despicable - gets a little bullet point in their + column that reads “Is Not Donald Trump”.


My outward facing self is really hoping he splits the conservative vote.
My inward facing self hopes we get more viable independents in the run (Sanders, perhaps) too stop this ridiculous 2 party system we have.
My secret self likes the smell of cow manure.


Wating for @codinghorror to jump on its repeated appearance at BB …


Unless he goes Independent, at which point the Republican candidate is screwed in the general faster than you can say “Ralph Nader”.


I was trying to imagine him as president the other day. Imagine the media frenzy when he installs a gold plated toilet in the oval office bathroom and Marine One has to move so the helicopter that brings him his morning coffee can land.


Was there any word on what would happen if independent voters were mean to him?


I was wondering about the Overton window the other day, not just because of this, but also because in the UK there’s a chance that the ‘far left’ candidate might become leader of the Labour party, which would apparently be a disaster (according to the likes of Blair and Mandelson, anyway).

An actual left winger might move the consensus left and help in the long run, but instead Tony Blair et al want another neoliberal leader just a hair’s breadth to the left of Cameron, because winning is more important than principles, even though none of the candidates will win in 2015 anyway.

Returning to Trump, I actually would rather have a sane Republican candidate and the party move leftwards. Although seeing that party tear itself apart would be funny.


Trump sex-face. You Cannot Unsee.