Was Donald Trump "created" because Republicans can't keep promises?

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Isn’t this obvious? Everybody’s crazy uncle finally has a crazy uncle candidate.


Trump had to happen so that, no matter how barking mad a Palin, a Bachmann, a Rubio or that anti-worker thug from Wisconsin sound, they will all seem moderate next to Trump. He makes J Bush look like a Democrat. Perhaps that is the plan…

If it is true that most Trump supporters are poorly educated white males, perhaps the time has come to split the country as has sometimes been suggested, with a general movement of population based on education and IQ, and some States forming Canuckistan while others form Texico. And then people would know where to build the wall.


C’mon. Trump has the support of like … 4% of the actual American population. And a good number of those are just glad he’s tweaking establishment noses, with no actual agreement with his issues.


Given that only 3% even bothers to vote, that’s a landslide.


Those vultures had to come home to roost eventually.

The next plays in their book are to:

  1. Call him a democratic plant.
  2. Say he’s a false flag by the next front runner.

Very much this. The whole right-wing media agitprop troll machine only exists to make the politicians seem sane by comparison.


The problem with saying Trump was actively created and ‘planted’ is that assumes too much situational awareness and control. Conspiracy is attractive. After all if it really is a broom closet full of withered old men moving the world around that’s a group you can hate. An entity that can be theoretically Ended and everything gets all better instead of the sad fact being Trump is on the extreme end of the bell curve and represents to the nth degree and in blaring 80’s style the far right ideology.

So yea, he was created, shaped, and guided to where he is now. However that was done by chance and lifestyle rather than intent, which is what the post was originally getting at I suppose.


True - but They don’t adhere to rationality.

Especially when there’s a buck to be made off of stoking the rumor mill. Lots of pigs feeding at that trough.


Yes, Erickson meant “created” in the sense that someone with his politics and personality emerged to the top of the field.

This used to be Sarah Palin by the way, she just revealed she didn’t have the poise or the seriousness to keep it up. I suspect Trump won’t either, and Ted Cruz peaked too early, but one day they’re going to hit the nail on the damn head and then we’ll have a Thatcher on our hands and …

I don’t want to think about it.


Wear will all the smart peeple lik U go?

I’m less worried about the Goon in the whitehouse than the pack of idiots in congress.

After all they’re the ones that shut the government down because a law happened they hated, have told the FCC not to do their job with internet regulation, and have given blank checks to Teleco companies and allowed the nation to be carved up to the point of us being behind motherfsking Estonia and Korea in terms of internet connectivity.


What per cent of the voting population is that? And if he gets the nomination. . . and why wouldn’t he. . . republicans will be voting against Hillary, and therefore for him.

There’s nothing that can be said about Trump that couldn;t have been said about Bush JR.

And Bush Jr. won twice.


I think you mean: And Bush Jr. “won” twice.


First, I’m not sure if you’re serious: Trump has a 0% chance of being the Republican nominee.

Second, there are many, MANY things that can be said about Trump that couldn’t’ve been said about Bush, Jr and vice versa. For all his faults, Bush was a serious politician with years of government leadership. He had an actual record as Texas governor to hang his hat on, and would probably have been just a mediocre Republican if not for 9/11.

Third, roughly 60% of eligible Americans vote. If you had a direct election right now, with all eligible candidates Democratic, Republican, and otherwise on the ballot, Trump would probably get … I’ll be generous and say 7% of the vote.

Republicans have used their nominating stage to engage their base for the past 3 election cycles, this is literally nothing new.


But hopefully he will follow through on being an independent. He’ll be the reverse Ralph Nader!


Trump is the id of the republican party. it, the id, got loose and is running naked through the world wagging it’s nasty little weenie at anything and everything it sees. Nothing much good can come from this other than confirming what every decent person thought about republicanism. Interesting to watch in the same way as a train wreck or burning orphanage.


Conspiracies rely on the idea that none of the people involved will ever want to get laid again.
It isn’t conspiracy that the GOP never do anything or keep any promises or balance any budgets, it’s more like MO. If government worked, or even worked better, they wouldn’t have anything to run on.
T’Rump is a nesting doll. The GOP (all ‘outsiders’) is a business, and he is an ‘outsider’ from business.
If he wasn’t such an idiot he’d be brilliant.


This seems a bit of a conspiracy theory to explain the Trump. The real explanation is probably something quite innocent, like Igor coming back with the wrong jar…