Top Trump strategist quits, writes an open letter warning America about him


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Cry me a fucking river. You helped create this monster and now your entire political philosophy is going down like the Hindenburg and your party is in crisis. It’s not Trump that’s the problem it’s,

the unprecedented, unbelievable anger.

Because we are all angry — and we all have a right to be.

So angry that you and your ilk will swallow anything set in front of them. Go fuck yourself.



Desperate people often times fall prey to conmen an liars.


Indeed. She didn’t seem to have much of a problem with his being horrible and hateful when it was directed towards the “right” people.


It’s a bit frightening to think that he might actually win, but if we set that aside for the moment and place our hopes in the American people to vote for his opponent in the general election, it’s really hard to see what he’s done to the Republican party as anything but a good thing. The difference between him and his competitors is not that he is a sociopath and they are not. It is that he is considered the wrong kind of sociopath. But in reality there is no good kind of sociopath to have as president, and it’s not a bad thing that the sociopathy of the Republican candidates has been so starkly revealed.


Wait wait wait wait…

… “the silent majority” ???

Who the hell campaings with that idiotic concept and who BUYS into it?


I think sociopathy is strongly correlated with high-level politicians in general, regardless of party.


Silent Trump supporters? Pffsssh.



Now, I’m not american, and over here, that is the favorite phrase of our conservatives everytime they do something stupid and people complain; no, we dont care because the “silent majority” is with us.


Anyone holding a minority viewpoint.


my favorite turn of phrase on BoingBoing so far this year…


Surprising no one, Trump does a publicity stunt and as it works changed everything about himself and his campaign to pander - only to get an ego and take himself too seriously. Was there a single person that thought there was a different story here?


Yes, everyone knows Trump is an egomaniacal sociopath working only to further his own interests.

The news is that narrative being confirmed by an inside source.


Desperate how? Desperate to have people acknowledge Obama was born in Kenya? Desperate to stem the rising tide of Mexican rapists? Don’t tell me she was some working class schmuck struggling to get by on steady work. She runs a public relations firm with her name on it. She’s not desperate, just an asshole.


I’m not American either but as far as I’m concerned, the silent majority includes the rest of the world, who are looking on in horror.


Democracy only works if people feel it represents them.
You take that away and you’ve got a real problem.
The places in the world where democracy doesn’t work is where the partisanship is too great.
This very same scenario, of the rise of the angry disenfranchised, is what has created many of the worlds political monsters in the past.


A little over two months ago I read a piece in The New Yorker called “We Have A Serious Problem”. I think it was supposed to be satire but even then I had a feeling it was hitting too close to the mark to be funny. And now a Trump insider has confirmed that.

Sometimes it sucks to be right.


Nixon. Republican voters.

Still waiting for Chris Christie to realize what he’s done.


I’m pretty sure there are decades of confirmation on the subject before he ever entered a primary, the insider is just another confirmation of what people against Trump already knew. The guy has been in the public eye for better or worse since the 80s, a celebrity since the 00s, and was one of the most outspoken Tea Party supporters who all conveniently made a ton of money off angry (white) GOP rubes.

Trump has made all of his money playing blue collar while being from old money, and ever since the modern iteration of combining “real America” and politics with GWB it has always been a dangerous powder keg.