The ladies will just love Georgia's new abortion law!

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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH we learn of all the opportunities Georgia’s lovely ladies will be granted by its new abortion law


All these states are trying to recognize fetuses as people and here I’m still waiting for them to recognize people of color as people…


Alabama is one of the top five states that receives the most in federal funding. (That is… they are takers.) Is FF (at least in part) based on population size?


Because they are poor AF.

Boycotting any business that does business with or in Ala. would be a good start.


We are most definitely living through some of most moronic political times, (some sort of putrid fusion of Idiocracy and The Handmaid’s Tale). Here’s a nerdy question for these knuckle-dragging politicians: what is the ‘legal’ status of frozen embryos?



I wonder though if a poor and large (emphasis on large) Alabama population means more fed funding, but with the total funding NOT necessarily being meted out equitably. That is, the increased fed money being diverted to areas not having to do with the poor. (Sort of like the “lottery money goes toward education” scam used by states.)


I’m going out on a limb ( /s ) and thinking that most of the Fed funding for Ala. goes towards the vicinity of Huntsville, home of Space, Defense and other government contracting boondoogles and rural areas who really need it never see the light of day.


Speaking of dumb shit, my cousin reposted this today.



That could be. Note: Some employees at my government-funded site have at times referred (not just humorously) to such funding as “Republican Welfare”.


That’s basically a tacit admission that it’s solely about penalizing women for having sex, not "preserving life."

Fuck all these misogynistic fuckers; they’re starting make me wish they could forcibly be implanted with unwanted embryos, see how the fuck they like it.


Child support [federal / state / parental] starts at 6 weeks I guess…


What if you carefully remove the embryo from the woman, making sure it stays alive. Then it can’t be murder because the embryo is still alive and could, in theory, be put back. Once it is outside the woman you can safely destroy it because it isn’t inside a woman and thus doesn’t count.

Besides, I don’t understand how abortion could give prison. The Bible makes it clear the penalty is only a fine. (Exodus 21:22)


Huh. When you put it that way, the whole thing seems competely arbitrary o3o


It is only a fine, and only if the father doesn’t agree. But since the father’s approval is required because he owns the woman and the potential child… I wonder why so many people gloss over that part?

(My favorite argument to give a right winger a headache about an abortion is actually listed on the cartoon. Even if clumps of cells are people, once you have asked the clump of cells to leave and it doesn’t, and it puts the mother’s life in danger (because all pregnancies do), then their “murder” is self defense under Stand Your Ground. Do you really want to claim that you have more rights to your living room than your wife does to her Uterus? Want a medical tribunal to determine if the mother’s life is in “enough” danger? YOU SUPPORT DEATH PANELS???)


I wish that were the case. I guarantee that getting child support or support from the government to help raise the kid will not get one whit easier… Because this is about punishing women, not caring for families.


It was a feeble attempt at being sarcastic about something we should all be raising the alarm about, it’s the 21st century and Women still don’t have the right to govern their own bodies, shameful & disgusting.


Yeah, I get that, but it will continue to be hard for single parents raising children in these states. I think this is a point that bears repeating.


Georgia never ratified ACA, I could go on and on, they are really pushing hard to roll back into the dark ages.

Sorry, reading and writing at the same time, got lost there for a minute.


Um… not even remotely true, actually:

I don’t know what year that’s from, but I promise that Delta, Home Depot, Coke, Emory (health care and university), the USG system, and UPS trade off the top spot, all are ATL based - let’s not forget media (both film/Tv and other kinds of mass media, like Cox). I doubt that Wal-Mart, even if they are a major employer in the rest of the state, they are outstripped there by health care. The metro area likely has the economic power of some less well off states. The more the city grows, the more blue we get, because the GOP refuses to pass laws (in both the state and federal levels) that will benefit the rural agrarian economy.