Former judge Roy Moore wins Alabama Republican runoff


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Wow @beschizza you timed that whole citizenship thing well. Then again not like your homeland is doing great either.


First right-wing populists take 13% of the German parliament for the first time in more than 80 years and now the Senate has [ETA: will likely have] its first open member of the Gilead Party. More evidence that we’re in the Darkest Timeline.


To be clear, this was just the runoff election to choose a Republican candidate. He’s going up against the Democratic candidate in November (though he’s a long shot).


I have every faith in my former fellow Alabamians that they will fiercely fight to elect… the most religiously zealous backwoods bible-thumping idiot they can find.

It was a novelty to move to the PNW and actually have candidates I wanted to vote for rather than just candidates I wanted to vote against.


We can only hope his bigoted insanity is proportional to his ineptitude as a senatorial candidate. With a lot of luck he could be defeated, but since this is Jeff sessions seat, I’m not holding my breath.


Alabama voters, the ghost of Atticus Finch hereby frowns upon your mendacious shenanigans!


His new nickname will be Mr. Blue Slip. And the Honorable Asshole from Alabama.


Between Strange and Moore, it seemed like a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ vote; both seem horrid.


If only because supporting Strange would mean backing the same guy as Trump. (Shudder)


The people who ran the Brexit and Trump campaigns are pulling the strings behind the scenes, so, yeah, breath-holding is not recommended. The one thing that could make a difference is if Facebook, Google and Twitter all implemented new rules for political campaigns, but the chances of that happening are slim to none.


Par for the course with Southern Republicans. Of course, within those constraints there are differences, and Moore – someone who gained national notoriety for his continual attempts to undermine the Establishment Clause – was, unfortunately, the more horrid choice.

Edited for accuracy, though your point still stands.


Where are Bo and Luke to set this straight?

“Dukes of Hazzard”, more a documentary than a TV show in Ala.


It’s quite difficult to parse Trump trying to support the slightly less crazy candidate and failing.


Scary thing is that Moore makes Sessions seem reasonable. Think about that, about the likelihood of Al’bama electing a Democrat and be afraid. Be very, very afraid. And angry… that’ll help, too.




I would have voted for Strange.


To be honest though, that’s only a slight veneer of civility over a racist demagogue.


Not really, we just don’t know what he got in exchange. Because I’m sure that there was a deal involved.


Well, Republicans are pretty terrible people, aren’t they?