Franken to resign


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Racism and bigotry in politics

Don’t expect any TGOP to follow in his footsteps.


Nope. They are definitely enjoying this opportunity, knowing that the Dems will eat their own in the process of standing up for what’s right.


Franken is out but Moore is (probably) in… Partisanship is a helluva drug.


Integrity in politics? Cop goes to jail for a bad shoot? What is going on? Is the Matrix collapsing? Someone hold me!


Good. It would be nice to have a party I can support again.


No, they’re eager to elect a child molester, because, you know, at least it’s not a democrat!


It’s diabolical. Your group gets to act like you’re being strong by denying fault and continuing on. The people who actually feel it’s wrong and need to do the right thing get disproportionately affected because more in their ranks actually do care about the issue and are more likely to report and react.


On the one hand, it’s good that there’s accountability and civilized standards are being upheld.

On the other, it’s the loss of a needed democrat voice in the senate.


Ethics generally means doing the right thing even when it’s not convenient. There is no way Dems could keep a credible pressure on Moore, Trump and co. if Franken didn’t resign, even though the gravity of his offenses is (at least by my judgment) an order of magnitude below theirs.

Plus, the replacement will be nominated by the Democratic governor, so it’s not even a tactical loss.


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There is a certain demographic that sees Moore as a fighter and Franken as a quitter. I don’t know that there’s much you can do about that though, other than try to vote because I’m pretty sure they vote.


No Democrat should resign until we see if Roy Moore gets elected and seated. If the GOP elects and seats a child molester, I’m willing to put up with a Democrat that exhibits “inappropriate behavior.”


So I take it you don’t actually care about the object-level ethics of doing the right thing, even though it may put you at a disadvantage in the short term?

This “our team must beat their team, no matter what” mentality is what’s getting US deeper and deeper into the political dumps and I really don’t think the left should be gleefully emulating the right on this.


One upside is that the Democrats are at least on stronger moral ground longer-term. The GOP can’t point to Franken and do “whatabout”.


I disagree. Doing the right thing shouldn’t depend on making sure everyone else does the right thing.


What road now, though?

Clearly, Franken has proven to be a very intelligent adversary to more predatory GOP politicians (context), despite his own personal failings. He has made strides towards equity for the people, as opposed to someone like Weinstein, who was purely profit-driven.
Is there any possible way to work towards redemption (in a far off future) by doubling efforts to help the marginalized? Lobbyist, perhaps?


I have no idea, honestly.


I’d like to see Franken work to redeem himself. Hell, I’d like to see Moore work to redeem himself. Just not in the Senate.


Personally, I think this could free him up to to more direct “wetwork” against the more insidious elements in politics in the name of feminism and civil rights. Cheney, Kochs, O’Keefe, etc.