As Trump's racist regime takes power, FBI reports a surge in hate crimes against Muslims and others


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I don’t know why it makes me so sad to read headlines that I already knew to be true. What a lousy world.


Preaching to the choir, but the last thing we need are made up or exaggerated incidents.

Now, I’m all for reporting the crap that is happening, but the last thing we need are attention whores making stuff up. This is not the time.


Is this the same FBI that thought improper use of an email server was so horrible as to justify flouting bureau silence practices and tanking the entire election? Asking for a friend.


My optimism is now extinct. Pragmatic pessimism replaces it.


How do statistics from 2015 indicate a “crime-wave” related to the 2016 election?


Nah, this is being reported by the district offices who actually work to deal with crime that crosses state borders, not the political players at the top of the organization who decided to flout the bureau silence practices for partisanship.


OH…Make America Grate Again…I thought he was just a bad speller…


It would make me physically ill to think that anything I’d ever said or done had been interpreted as tacit support for hate crimes or racism. Any politician with a shred of humanity would be getting out there in front of this, expressing through word and action that a win for his campaign was NOT a win for white supremacy.


FBI to-do list:

  1. Bring up emails again for no reason
  2. Report a surge in hate crimes after Trump wins
  3. ???


This is some really sneaky conflating of two separate things. Whatever may have happened in the past week or so, the FBI’s report is about 2015 statistics. It provides backup for absolutely nothing since last Tuesday. The NYT shouldn’t be running this story with language about a wave of incidents since Trump’s election, and neither should BB.


's not a bad point.

If you’re looking for more election-specific reports of horrible crimes, this might help.

No stats yet, but enough so that Trump basically had to say “knock it off.”

Which, you know, probably won’t do much.


People were emboldened by Trump normalizing all this shit even before he was elected. It’s getting - and going to get - even worse, now.


My dad just emailed me from small-town Ohio:
"The black minister of our church was accosted yesterday as he walked to his car by two white guys who shouted, “Watch it n------. the president is going to make this a WHITE country!!!”


You should submit that by email. If you catch my drift.


Um, that’s because you’re not a born and bred racist.

The great cheeto con-man is, and just pulled a hot one on all of us. While he can’t publicly admit to being a complete and non-apologetic racist, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “not even vaguely plausible deniability” is the way his brain works. Until the day dawns that he can wear his white hood in office, he’ll say everyone is a liar or misinterpreting things. But underneath…


No, not all of us. Just those who wanted to be conned.


Unfortunately, those of us who didn’t fall for the con, still got swept up with the masses.

We’re knee deep (probably more like chin deep) in it for the next 4 years minimum.


I am going to take a WILD guess and say that the FBI doesn’t have to look much further than it’s own offices for perpetrators of these crimes… just say’n.