This montage of Trump calling for violence shows him as a stupid thug rather than the president

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I can’t watch this. Not because I don’t agree but because I can’t stand to listen to this shitstain’s voice.

Anybody have a transcript?


Thug? Isn’t that word reserved for unarmed black teens?


Because throwing the bird is worse than throwing a punch?


Yeah, well, old news and the Trumpsters will excuse all this with various bullshit defenses, but I’d say Trump is slightly less to blame for the current rash of mail bombs than all the talk radio hosts and Fox News talking heads who continually demonize Obama and Hillary and Soros. This has been going on years now, and Trump is just riding the wave. I suppose you could say that Hannity/Beck/Savage poured out the gasoline and Trump just said “hey, somebody should light a match.” We wouldn’t even be at the point where a demagogue like Trump would exist if not for Fox News et al. Chickens coming home to roost.


The cry of one coward to another…he throws out the catalyst to cowards and they respond. I watched the facial expressions of the crowd, cowardly people who don’t want to think for themselves but will “follow orders”. The result of people being spoon fed entertainment with laugh tracks so they know what to do.


Sadly, we should not have needed that. But we do.

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I take your point, but Trump is, theoretically, president and should take ALL the blame for not diffusing the situation.


Trump: “THE BUCK STOPS . . . somewhere over there.”


Damn, that was literally my first thought when I read the headline.

I came here to post it, and you’d already expressed the same sentiment.

I also do not disagree with the assessment; it’s accurate, but I’ve had just about enough exposure to that toxic muthafucka’s hateful rhetoric.

I’m fighting mad, and I’m taking that shit to the polls and talking to anyone who will listen.




This. Never forget Trump is a symptom of this, not the cause. If you replace Trump, the problem does not go away. That’s not so say we shouldn’t condemn Trump for the violence he espouses. It’s just that Trump is not the end of the problem.


I somehow object to the title. It should say that video is shows that the president is a stupid violent thug. Being elected as president of the most powerful country in the world does not give mystical powers of wiseness and goodness. We use democracy because every other method is way worse, that does not mean that democracy is guaranteed to give the best result


New here (hi!) but perhaps a naive question.

Is it possible to enact a law prohibiting elected leaders from inciting violence against political opponents (leaving aside that the Republican SCOTUS would never go for it)?

As a matter of the first amendment, we’re not talking about a private citizen ranting–or even a talking head–but a state official or leader acting in his or her role, or candidate for office, advocating that citizens break the law. At the very least, “it was a joke” becomes no defense. I’m not sure there’s a downside to gagging them from publicly commenting on criminal proceedings, ongoing or intended, or precluding them from publicly smearing other branches of government. If they want to do it, let them resign first.


I think like all good demagogues, he’s both. He’s incredibly good at reflecting and amplifying what his base wants, and shaping them to want more of it.


Keep in mind that these idiots will all be voting this year.Make sure that you vote and encourage all friends to vote. 2 more years of the trumptards in control of all branches of government will do great harm to democracy and personal freedom.


I was going to say, under two minutes? Surely it could have been much longer.

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It’s all captioned.

You can mute the sound.

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