Trump commands troglodyte mob to ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of protesters, promises to pay legal fees


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Trump the Chump

He could shoot someone and not lose a single vote, I hear


The British Union of Fascists lost a lot of support when Moseley had his supporters beat up protestors. Please don’t be too different from us, America!


Is there some sort of “go fund me” or “kick start” for paying bounties? Where we could group fund a tomato hit man/woman/person - hit person? is that the correct term these days?

A Tomato Hit-Person. That is what we want.


“So we heil heil right in der fuehrer’s face”


Yes. A Heinzman.


How about a run by fruiting?


Stopping someone from committing assault is wrong? Okay then…


Really?!? Jeeze late stage capitalism!


You forgot the “/s”, right? Right?!?! RIGHT!!!?!??!?!?


Commanding your less than intelligent minions to “knock the crap out if them” is an incitement of violence.

You know, he could have said “ask them to leave” or “get security to handle the situation”.

Also, while throwing a tomato is assault. Beating people is also assault. But I think we’d all pick a tomato to the face, over a bunch of mouth-breathing idiots assailing us with their feet and fists.

I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Tell me more about this novel theory of yours where it doesn’t matter how you stop them. From throwing a tomato.


Don’t hold your breath :wink:


Ok :wink:


I can’t stand Trump, and I honestly wish someone would…but when I actually think about it from a neutral perspective, if someone were to try to assault me in ANY way I think knocking the crap out of them is well within the bounds of reasonable force.

I don’t wish harm comes to anyone, it would be a comeuppance to Trump, but one that no one deserves.


How could we? It’s clearly your breath, merely on loan.


Who’s this “we”? I responded to one person (TailofTruth), not the entire thread.


Oh, that is fucking priceless!!! That’s your take on this?

Fuck me. Well done!

Just… speechless.


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Don’t you know, the only way to stop a bad guy assaulting someone is to have a good guy assault them.