Guy who threw tomatoes at Donald Trump might be America's greatest hero


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Give that guy a medal and get him out of the hands of the police!

Also Trump supporters are pulling out that tired “Silent majority” shit again?


Uh, no. Not a hero. Throwing objects at people is not acceptable. It is assault, and the victim can’t know that the object or substance thrown is not dangerous.

Trump is scum. But physically assaulting him for his words is not right, either.



Oh no they don’t! Not going to work anymore, especially for that bastard Trump!


Andrew Joseph Alemao was arrested both by police and the Secret Service and could face 30 days in jail and a fine if convicted.

Alemao is also facing job offers from Hunt’s, Del Monte, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Fucking Bingo!


I did not see any tomatoes thrown. I saw a lot of Republicans milling around. Where were the tomatoes?


The republicans are the tomatoes. They’re red, full of acid, and horrifically mutated into a form completely unrecognizable from its original shape.


Those are the “tomatoes”, albeit rotten. Pardon, it seems LDoBe got there first.


About 9 seconds in… the red streak to the left of Trump’s head.


I’m not confident the message “let the nazi speak, he may have have a good point” is on the right side of history.

Not saying you’re a nazi sympathizer. Just saying that tRump is definitely a fascist following in the footsteps of hitler and mussolini, and that maybe such people don’t deserve to speak unopposed. Perhaps noise bombardment would be a better tool.



That hero photo is just begging to be Che Guevared for a T-shirt.


Yeah that wins the thread… move along everyone.


Wake me when we get to Trumps grassy knoll.


All those students who adore Trump… how did they get so screwed up so young? And if they’re so dumb, how did they get into college?


Finally, FINALLY, we can start the national discussion on whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable (neither of which will have any place in Trump’s Reich)


Give that guy some throwing practice and more tomatoes.


Great! Now I want pie AND tomatoes… if only there were a combination of the two here in northeast New Jersey…