Trump: "Look at my African-American over here, look at him"


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At least he didn’t say “My nigga. WHAT I SAID IT WITH AN ‘A’ THAT MAKES IT A TERM OF ENDEARMENT”


The California GOP s up to the same old tricks with VOTER suppression, and YES Trump is a bonafide douche bag.

Californians VOTE on Tuesday!


“Look at my African-American over here, look at him”



Is “spot the minority” the Trump rally equivalent of “Where’s Waldo”?


Many of Trump’s supporters have coined and embraced two new phrase for non-whites: ‘feral vermin’ - for undocumented Mexicans and S. Americans and muslims, and ‘savages’ - for black people. Do a Twitter search for ‘feral vermin’, and see what the people complaining about ‘political correctness’ are really all about. This gets uglier and uglier the deeper you look into it. There is some serious hatred supporting this man, all right there, out in the open.


I agree, except that I don’t think any of these terms are actually new usages.


They’re not.


Of course, maybe the people using them think they are new and that they are OH SO CLEVAH for using them?

Anyway… this election season can’t come to a conclusion fast enough…



I’m so over it.

I’m voting on Tuesday, and in any local elections and then I’m doing my best to ensconce myself in a self-imposed bubble until November.


Oh. Maybe ‘new to me’ then. The terms just seemed to have that memetic quality that caused them to spread very quickly.


Oh, well, don’t feel bad that you’re not up on all the hatespeak! But yeah, they are pretty memetic and having access to the web just make them easier to spread…

Also, you guys should note this, that’s Trumps fans are doing everything they can to attempt to whitewash the racism of his campaign:


I wish they would have panned over to the guy…


I think that people may just feel newly emboldened to spew them in public–which is worrisome, because after Trump loses (my fingers are crossed SO HARD here, because some people still think he can’t possibly win, and I’m no longer sure of that at all), are they just going to shut up and slink away? Doubtful.

At least the assholes are making themselves super easy to spot :scream_cat:


As long as I can remember, there have been derogatory terms meant to negate the humanity of pretty much all people of color.

So much so, to the point that our comparisons have been shared, and lists compiled, just to keep track…


Undocumented Mexicans and South Americans and Muslims are not necessarily non-white. People’s skin color doesn’t change when they choose to enter the country illegally or follow the religion of Muhammad.


Anyone else besides me, when they heard Trump say, “my African-American…” thought perhaps that he may have actually owned him…?


Perhaps it was just Yusuf hoping for a job opportunity with the Trump Administration…


The exhaustion this cycle is so much worse than previous years, it seems! Like voters are being punished for having an opinion, far better to wash our hands of it and let others wallow in the muck.

Like that was deliberate, somehow!