Donald Trump pretty much just went Full Nazi


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Yep. The racism is strong with this one.


Is it sad that I am totally unsurprised he said this?


He’s basically the comment section at FOX news in human-ish form.


I’m still waiting for the curtain to rise at which point Trump bellows into the microphone, in a tone of both amazement and indignation: “Guys, this campaign was a joke. Holy crap, you people are insane. I would never want to be the leader of losers this stupid. I’m out. Andy Kaufmann, kiss my black ass.” *mic drop*


I know the feeling. I’m sort of just numb to Trump’s bullshit at this point. When you lead with “all Mexican immigrants are rapists” and “I’d fuck my daughter if she weren’t related to me” and somehow manage to get worse, though, I guess that makes sense.


“What do I have to do to get you people to not vote for me?”


It’s Performance Art. It has to be.
Yes, and he has to pick a wrestling feud. That’s the next step.


Bastard doesn’t care that he’s encouraging attacks and even murder of innocent people. How far into his mouth does his foot have to go before his poll numbers finally start dropping out of sight? What worse is there that he could still even say?


As hard as it is to believe his proposed ban is even worse than that: it would apply to AMERICAN CITIZENS returning from travel abroad.

Asked by The Hill whether that would include American Muslims currently abroad, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks replied over email: “Mr. Trump says, ‘everyone.’ ”

I can’t even.


Obviously, Holocaust comparisons.


" … Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her
husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which
he keeps in a cabinet by his bed … "

He has also proposed yellow crescent armbands for Muslims.
(can’t seem to find the link)
My bad, it was an opinon piece that was rhetorical to Trump wanting a database of Muslims and Syrian refugees


Well… I mean, he could condemn the KKK and mention that the confederate flag is the banner of seditious traitors.

He’d lose a lot of his base that way, I’d expect.


For a while now I’ve been seeing this in my head whenever I see clips of Trump speaking at an event:


More like full FDR - but yeah, he’s a clown.


Sick burn, bro. (Too bad it doesn’t really work.)


Donald Trump; The first ammendment abolisher for which the second ammendment was created.

For once I am grateful for the electoral college. Fingers crossed it does its job should the need arise.


You are incredible in the incredulous sense.


I feel like I should invoke Godwin’s law here, but come on, is that photo real or not?


The photo is just happenstance. Cmahn. For humor and satire value. But the tweets and bs frothing from his mouth and pea brain are serious and he needs to be toppled from his perch. And punched in the face.