Mein Drumpf


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Eh, he doesn’t have that cool logo like the Germans had. He needs to work on the logo.


We need to bring the behind the curtain funny or we’re going to get the mystified brand-name scary.


A boot stamping on a human face…


As much as the animation somewhat amuses me, isn’t this counter-productive?

I’m about as leftwing as they come but this kind of childish image remixing even puts my back up a bit… I can’t imagine it sitting better with actual trump supporters…

Reminds me of the Tories remixing of Tony Blair portraits with devil eyes back in the day. I hated Blair but those ads actually made me feel sorry for him a little bit…


From here across the pond it looks like I should build a retro-style atomic shelter, and then stock it with a lot of popcorn and assorted noms for watching the show.

…on the other hand it may not be that bad, a politician rarely does even a fraction of what he promises.


He has the best logos, he makes great logos, he knows all the logos.


That would be scary. Trump would just hire someone else to do it, and then declare bankruptcy.


Maybe he could create a shell country to do it with?


Would he let Putin forclose on Alaska?


I’m sure he could work an angle on it…


He only likes states you can’t see Russia from?


My guess is, on the off chance Trump wins, Congress refuses to pass/approve anything he does (shocker, I know!) until he decides to do something without Congress, at which point we get Impeachment hearings… or just 4 years of lame duck Presidency…


You know, I don’t think he’s got anything against Alaska, some of the people there are good people, but let’s face it, Alaska is a loser.

His words not mine! Hypothetically!


Vice President Christie has postponed your impeachment hearings.


That is a cool GIF, and while Trump is kind of an egotistical loudmouth, he is still not Hitler. Nor will he ever be, unless a President Trump were to find a way to dissolve congress and fire the Supreme Court (or replace the Justices with twelve cronies.)


Yes, and probably so.

But Hitler wasn’t Hitler because he was Hitler. he was Hitler because of the brownshirts, et al.


Comparing phücking everyone to Hitler has made the comparison totally benign…


Comical, even.

Even the Wicked Witch is nicknamed “Hitlary”, however lesser evil she is.

…also, somebody else already mentioned it here elsewhere but it fits here too:


Oh quit being such a hitler.