Reverse Godwin: KKK darling David Duke says Trump may help improve Hitler's image

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goodwins law is bollocks. people act like comparing things to hitler is soo unreasonable but like shits getting hella hitler these days


I can’t even.



It’s a polar extreme, one which is rendered less effective each time it’s just bandied about at the drop of a hat to emphasize a point.

However, that’s not the real fuckery here;

What’s really messed up is that anyone who could make freakin’ Hitler look better posthumously must be seriously fucking insidious, and even worse, the ex grand wizard probably meant that remark as a compliment.


Ironic choice of GIF.

I still love Clint Eastwood’s contributions to film, but knowing he’s a Trump supporter (or was as of last summer) makes it a lot harder to pull off the “compartmentalization” thing.


Well, Adolph wasn’t all bad. After all, he did kill Hitler…




I was going for facetiousness, as well as the disgusted facial expression, because I remember all too well the bizarre ‘Empty Chair’ speech.


Somehow, even then I suspected that it was just the tip of the iceberg of ‘crazy’ that has become this election cycle.

As far as “compartmentalizing” goes, I just do what people like that do to me; I pretend that as real people, they don’t even exist.

It works surprisingly well.


That makes a few times I’ve heard of a “Reverse Godwin” but each time it was something different. Is it a comparison that makes Hitler seem better somehow, or comparing someone to a person comparing someone to Hitler? Or is it relating yourself to Hitler?

All of the above, I guess. Maybe we are starting to find that as the internet goes on, the probability of something being compared to Godwin’s Law approaches one? Ha, probably not, it’s hard to think of a precedent for that kind of rule.


Disclaimer: Pedantism taking place here.

Trump has killed, to our knowledge, 0 Jews thus far.

In fact, with Sanders in the race, I am actually really surprised at the lack of Anti-Semitism. Have we come that far, or is that actually a bad sign that Trump doesn’t take him seriously as a contender?

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You didn’t see Trump’s AIPAC speech? Or the Trump rally where the speaker said that “Bernie gotta get saved, he gotta meet Jesus”?

Neither are quite the level I was expecting. Both fall short compared to what he’s said about Mexicans.

And certainly fall far short of Hitler comparisons.

Hm, that depends on what you think he meant when he said “meet jesus.”


Sure. Trump seems ready to buy into stereotypes about pretty much anyone, but some stereotypes are more negative than others.

Technically, I believe that’s a meta-Godwin.

@anon75430791 remember he’s a New Yorker. He’s probably met his share of Jews.

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Presumably and of Mexicans, though he might not have noticed them.

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By the same token, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him deny killing a bunch of Jews back in 1990.

Are we talking about film stars or politicians here?

There was a checkout magazine over here in the UK that used have the tag line, “… celebrities and real people.”

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Agree entirely. I have thought this for years now. At best it has become outdated (maybe was relevant decades ago) at worst it is a form of preemptive censorship. It has outlived whatever small usefulness it may have had originally. Also, context is important, Godwin is context agnostic and that is also just plain dumb.

This is purely anecdotal but whilst New York isn’t Mexican free - I see way less of them when I’m there than most west coast or southern states (I’ve been to every continental state). I think its just geographical that there aren’t as many families among them that moved there (and the rent does suck after all).