Donald Trump pretty much just went Full Nazi


Tonal Dump Smells Like Shit


Best thing Bush has said in ages.

Compare to this waffly crap from Christie - just saying it’s down to lack of experience, plus I remember 9/11!


Trump speaks for a lot of Americans. In a way, I’m thankful for him because he’s showing just how much work those of us who think differently have to do.


The truly sad thing is that this sort of total crap is actually appealing to large segments of the population (and this his popularity in the polls). Even sadder still is that I bet if you polled the same supportive group they’d say that they’re the true “freedom loving” americans, all without any sense of irony.

At this point, I don’t know what kind of batshit insanity it’d take for his base to want to separate themselves from him…

maybe “I’d kidnap kids from sunday schools, and grind them up into meatloaf for public school lunches”…
or GASP! “I’m in love with a man”. sarcasm (needed to be said for the truly moronic out there)


As long as it wasn’t white, christian kids he’d probably get away with it. (As long as you weren’t then going to feed it to white, christian kids)

As long as he was repentant, that would still work for him too - right-wing christians love a good redemption arc.




And once I’m swept into office, I’ll sell your children’s organs to zoos for meat! And I’ll creep into your houses at night and wreck up the place!


Donald Trump has now gone where Godwin’s Law does not apply.


And still somehow less frightening than the idea of tRump as president…


It could well be performance art. Check out the picture of him on his website and then go and look at a picture of comedian Garry Shandling … uncanny!



Anyone taking bets on which way his polling is going after this?


To Donald’s credit, he knows that a lot of his followers A.) don’t understand that the First Amendment applies to all citizens, including Muslims, or that B.) there are Muslims who are actual, legitimate citizens of the good ol’ USA.

I’m willing to bet a lot of Trump supporters are the same folks who used to complain about Obama “gutting the Constitution.”


What? It’s not a burn, it is a better comparison.

Hitler and the Nazis went and rounded up Jews because they didn’t like them and killed them.

FDR and the US kept out Japanese immigrants and sequestered the Japanese/Japanese-Americans who were here because they feared attacks by them.

Geeze you guys are wound tight.


Hey. Don’t pick on Gary Shandling. That guy is a national treasure.


It wouldn’t be that bad if Trump was just exposing the bigotry that thrives just below the surface of American society. But when people hear leaders (or wannabe leaders) speaking like this in public it legitimizes and emboldens their worst instincts. When those who dominate the national conversation say stuff like “all Muslims are a terrorist threat” it’s only natural that some people are going to react by forming a lynch mob.

I don’t think Trump can win a general election, but win or lose his campaign has inflicted untold long-term damage to American race relations and public discourse.



Even FDR didn’t campaign on that, though.

While it’s no excuse for the Executive Order, the pressure to detain Japanese Americans largely came from senior military officials. It was a xenophobic, unconstitutional response to a bad situation but it wasn’t just a ploy to convert racism into votes.


It was funnier in the 1980’s.

But it’s a pretty accurate representation of a BBS member meeting Donald Trump.