Trump HQ's latest push-poll takes trumpism to unexpected new lows


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Does this actually feel unexpected to anyone?




Love the twitter name of one of the people who replied to crabbapple:


Despite attaining office, he and his henchmen are in permanent campaign and rally mode: one of the most fascistic aspects of illiberal democratic regimes.


This is hilarious. Basically the message is that Trump is very sad about his treatment by the media and the only thing that will cheer him up is for you to send him money.


I wonder what he’ll do with the $$$ raised for his 2020 campaign when he doesn’t run – because he’s been treated so unfairly.

Goddammit I hate him.


Stay tuned. This scum bag tRump will go postal toward his end…


Isn’t there third option “I wish Trump would die of gonorrhea and rot in hell”?


The egotism feels par for the course w drumpf. The utter failure to mask said egotism… this MIGHT push slight boundaries even for him, not sure. My answer may differ tomorrow.


He’s the president and you’re not. Therefore, he is better than everyone.


Just read the headline and immediately thought of the infamous YES/no ballot from the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Checked the article, and… yup, I was not the only one.


Christ, what an asshole.


If I’ve stepped in some, do I pick stand with? :thinking:


Put it in a shell company, declare bankruptcy, divorce Melania and scuttle off to Mar-a-Lago to fantasise about Ivanka.


I, for one, am surprised that they offered an “I believe Democrats” option.

For whatever reason, the further right you lean, the greater your odds of preferring ‘the democrat party’. I don’t quite know why this is; but it’s A Thing.


I wonder if he really knows about this, or it is something his team puts together so they can present donald with positive numbers? I would suspect they are trying to keep him in the dark about a lot of things…


Nope, this is perfectly in line with the previous “surveys” that were propaganda intended to solicit funds from people. This is just more straight to the point, which shows their desperation.

Yeah, I keep wondering about that. I’m sure whatever he does with it, it won’t be (entirely) legal, in keeping with all his campaign activity up to this point, and he’ll find a way to syphon money back to himself.


If you care about that, you are obviously an optimist.

Trump declining to run in 2020 because he’s been treated so unfairly and keeping the donations for himself is just about the best possible outcome.

Ranked from best to worst (I make no claim that the following list is complete):

  1. Trump does not run again, keeps the money for himself. Thus, his supporters are taught a lesson.
  2. Trump does not run again, and passes the money on to a like-minded successor, who loses the election.
  3. Trump runs again and loses.
  4. Trump does not run again, and passes the money on to a like-minded successor, who wins the election.
  5. Trump runs again and wins.
  6. Trump does not run again, and passes the money on to a like-minded successor, who buys the election.
  7. Trump does not run again. The election had to be postponed because of what happened in Sweden.
  8. Trump does not run again. He is presumed to have been killed when China retaliated.

So yes, I want Trump to live, keep all the money for himself and enjoy his retirement.


I sometimes troll my friends with the sarcastic “Yes or No Question: are you dumb liberals ever going to stop hating America?”

(A variation on the “are you ever going to stop beating your wife?” question-- either way you are admitting you beat your wife.)