Governor Kasich calls Trump's behavior "pathetic" and likens it to Germany in the 1930s


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Well seeing as Trump did keep a collection of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside, that characterization probably isn’t far from the truth…


And by “our” I think he means “republicans’.” Which means, republicans in general still think they can work with the Orange One. Which just goes to show how bad things would have to get before republicans in general would finally, fully turn against him.


I would have voted for Kasich if he had been the republican candidate. I actually liked him. No not perfect, but he was one of my favorites in the overall field.


Fuck him. Everything he just said is erased by that spineless statement.

Hey Kasich!, Grow a pair and help take this Nazi citrus squeezer down.

BTW: “Pence ends international trip early amid Trump controversy” TheHill


Yup, just more grandstanding without the moral backbone to do what he says needs to be done.


I’m so very tired of republicans saying negative things about Trump only to realize that they are lying, (almost) dead, or not up for re-election. More bullshit indeed.

Adolf walked into power aided by the likes of these people.


I was right there with him, thinking to myself that I haven’t agreed with so many republicans in a long time (ever), and then, with his last comment, he goes flaccid like a deflated balloon. Words and actions, sir - two different things.


“Governor Kasich calls Trump’s behavior “pathetic” and likens it to Germany in the 1930s”

1930s, indeed. PM Chamberlain and spinelessness comes to mind.


I don’t think we even need to go there. The behavior in question is literally “supports neo-Nazis.” I’m not sure how much more “1930s Germany” he could get.


I would never vote Republican, but when the Republican debates started I told my partner that if we had to have a Republican president Kasich would be the least worst™ of the bunch.
After a debate or three, I changed my mind and decided there was no least worst™ of the bunch and that they were all equally worst™.



Kasich was trying to set himself up for 2020, but wimped out. Hint, John: the future does not belong to the meek.


I’ll believe Kasich when he quits the TGOP, not before.


Ending that statement with “look, he’s our president, okay?” - pathetic, Kasich. Just as pathetic.


More like von Papen and von Schleicher – the ones who supported the Nazis figuring to take advantage of them for their own purposes.


The Eleventh Commandment gets in the way of sanity again.

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.


And of course this also means that the Party is more important than the Country.

I like his condemnation, but he basically zeroed it out at the end. Still an asshole.


on the nose


Pansy Assed ChickenShit Douchebag. Stand up and lead the GOP back to a sensible position.