In WH briefing, Sarah Sanders refuses to confirm she does not view press as "the enemy of the people' (repeatedly)


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She always has that deer-in-the-headlights look. She’s not a fascist per se - just a bullshitter. She’s making it all up on the fly, and Trump feels free to contradict her at any time. He did the same thing to Spicer.


Good robot.


“I’m sure it sounds better in the original German”

Uh, not really.


Every time I listen to SHS I’m amazed at her ability to say things that are blatantly untrue and abnormal without losing her composure. I guess when you cut your teeth on weaponizing scripture to support bigotry and disenfranchisement, Trump’s casual relationship to the facts seems like penny-ante stuff.

Still, I doubt Ice would melt in her mouth.



I’m not sure there’s any meaningful difference between a “genuine” fascist and a bullshitter working to further a fascist agenda.


She comes from a Xtianist-facist family. That’s why she has the job. If her boss is more erratic than she’d prefer I have no sympathy.


Trumpisim = Fascism so yes, she is.

To find the true ‘enemy of the people’ she and her boss only need to look in the mirror.


I call bullshit on that. A bullshitter can just fucking lie.

Just fucking lie, Sarah. “No, of course the press isn’t the enemy of the people.”

Hell you can even quantify it with, “No, of course most (some?) of the press isn’t the enemy of the people.”


yeah well, tune into MSNBC in a few years when Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be guest hosting Rachel Maddow’s show

you might think I am being stupid but my eyes nearly jumped of my head when I saw Nicolle Wallace (Bush spokeswoman during Iraq War) hosting for Maddow the other day - Rachel has railed against Nicolle a decade ago where Nicolle still believes that Bush did nothing wrong and the USA purposely committing torture was fine - and Nicolle has personally bashed Maddow on Morning Joe!

I guess when it comes down to the $$$ morals go right out the window, MSNBC are total hypocrites.


The Mother Night syndrome. If you play the part of a fascist long enough, guess what, you’re a fascist. Actions speak, regardless of what you internally believe.


Check your dignity in at the blue curtain.


She can lie, she’s shown that much.


“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” –Kurt Vonnegut


So then she’s just a really really really really Good German?


Have you seen the movie?

Directed by Keith Gordon, who actually met Kurt Vonnegut on the set of Back to School (Mr. Gordon played Rodney Dangerfield’s son)


She certainly knows how. With the whole show-ID-for-groceries thing, she said we could all relate because, duh, you have to show an ID when buying beer or liquor. That’s obviously not at all what Trump meant. What struck me, though, was that she made this big show of what he could have possibly be referring to instead of just laughing it off, “Yeah, I mean, we all know the president doesn’t do his own shopping - LOL. But we’re all required to show ID for everyday things… blah, blah, blah, brown people shouldn’t vote.”


I disagree. People can change. I was a very Conservative Republican and a big Limbaugh fan in the early 1990s. Then I started paying attention, not just believing everything they told me. It’s been a long, slow journey, but I’m a very different person than I was 25 years ago. I don’t know much about N. Wallace, but I’m willing to cut her some slack based on what she says now.