Trump and his allies plan to make him a dictator, reports NY Times

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Of course, they do.


Trump Says He'd Rather Be 'a Dictator' Than 'a Dumb Person': Video


That ship left port a long time ago.

I wake up every day hoping to see an announcement that nature has taken its course.


The NYT is just now figuring that out?
perhaps if they spent less time demonizing transgender human beings and more time just paying attention to what has been clear for the last 8 years, they would know this already!


Well, he’s got 1 out of 2 so far.


Wait until they find out that all those white people their reporters interview in the rural diners of The Heartland didn’t vote for Biff out of “economic anxiety”.

A lot of my fellow privileged liberals, especially those in the media-industrial complex, like to tell themselves comforting stories about rising fascism or the climate emergency or economic inequality rather than confront the hard realities of the situation. Until they can’t pretend any longer, at which point it’s usually too late. So here we are.


Another good reason to never let TFG get back in a position of power.

Fear, worry, “freaking out,” and panicking about it solve nothing.

Start working toward making the 2024 election a #BlueWave:

Volunteer, donate, get friends & family registered, educate and inspire.


I go back and forth between:

  • Hoping he’s found drowned in his toilet after slipping on a bar of soap, the sooner the better.
  • Hoping he’s found drowned in his toilet after slipping on a bar of soap in a prison cell, after seeing his company bankrupt, cronies and allies either in jail or on probation because they copped a plea, and the GOP forced to repudiate him.

The latter is far more preferable, because it would set precedents for future wannabe strong-men.


And if successful they will get someone as paranoid and vindictive as Stalin, who will throw the very people who gave him this power into jail on a whim, because he can.


Slumped on his gold toiled, having failed to excrete an impacted fatberg-style bolus of partially-digested Adderall and hamberders, whilst attempting, moronically, to tweet for help before the aneurism proved fatal.

Covfefe II: The Reckoning…


Well, yeah, but then he’d be a martyr.

Trump is in many ways his own worst enemy, but he did figure out the most important thing about his platform: You can win if you say all that stuff out loud that conventional wisdom said you can’t say out loud.

I’m scared that someone who is smarter and/or more articulate than Trump will come along and do it better than he did.


Trump is a symptom; he’s not the cause.

Drowning him in a toilet won’t solve the problem. The problem is the Republican Party is an openly fascist party, and their goal, regardless of the figurehead at the top, is an iron dictatorship and billions of people dead worldwide to cement their power and their cashflow.


jfc not bothering to hide it at all any more

So long, USA. It’s been a pretty good run but now the only party committed to democracy is '“the enemy”


Presenting as a smart and articulate fascist is beside the point or a negative with the Know-Nothings. And as DeSantis is finding out, being a smart and articulate fascist isn’t enough to get elected if one doesn’t have the talent to stir the Know-Nothings up by telling them whatever they want to hear about one’s plan to “hurt the right people”. F.F. von Clownstick, in his insatiable narcissism and greed, had four decades to hone that last skill as America’s foremost public grifter.

There are a lot of potentially dangerous fascist politicians I keep an eye on: Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and JD Vance, to name a few. The only one I currently see who’s smart, articulate and who possesses the demagogue’s special talent is RFK Jr., and he’s running for the wrong party at the moment.


Having had a number of years to fantasize about this, my preferred denouement for TFG is to see him convicted of his crimes, stripped of his wealth, unhoused, and forced to wear a publicly accessible locator so that he can be found and pelted with rotten vegetables whenever the whim takes us.


We don’t have a cure for the disease though, at least one that will work quickly. I imagine cutting the cancer of fascism out of the body politic may be as painful and costly as radiation therapy. Symptom control, or at least a quick, focused incision might be the best medicine we have in the short term.

Important to remember that Trump isn’t just any old Republican tumor. He’s been getting free, fawning media attention since the 80s, being built up as a modern day king Midas (and by the mainstream “left-wing” media no less). His own branding has been a decades-long obsessive focus, and that brand is “creates money, converts slums into gold-plated paradises, women love him, men fear him” etc, etc… MAGA voters are stupid, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have discerning tastes in their fascism delivery system. I think they do actually believe he can make things better in their own psycho way. Taking him down would/will definitely have an impact.


The RNC reading the New York Times today.


United States of America 1st Republic, March 4, 1789 - January 19, 2025 (or possibly immediately after the 2024 election).
1st Reich of the United States of America, January 20, 2025 - ???. If this comes to pass, hopefully it is as successful as Vichy-era France.
Unfortunately, after the French 1st Republic fell there was nearly 150 years of non-stop war.


‘Boing Boing/MidJourney’

God he’d love a uniform wouldn’t he? With enough medals to make your run of the mill African despot look understated.