Trump closes out campaign with inspiring, poignant message of hate for Jews

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So he doesn’t actually mention Jews at all? It is just a paranoid accusation put forward by Mr Rob Beschizza ?

This kind of lowbrow mud-racking is exactly why political discourse has become irrelevant in this election.

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Oh yes, it’s just the government’s fault that completely autonomous corporations have decided of their own accord and autonomy, to move their operations overseas.

This is yet another double-lipped trumpism, to blame the government for all the problems he conjures, then claims that this hyper-competent government he claims is completely broken, could have made it better… somehow inspite of the his claimed (yet incorrect) fact that the government could make everything better again.

Trump’s a demagogue. Just like hitler, stalin and mao. He’s a psychopath with a megaphone. Don’t get drawn into fascism.

Everything he says as a directive is violence and hatred. That’s all he cares for. He’s a shitbag. When viewed in context, he’s calling for violence. Not voting.


That’s (((Mr.)) Rob Beschizza to you, bucko!


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No, he doesn’t actually mention Jews as a group. He’s chosen people who happen to be Jewish to illustrate his claims of a conspiracy to undermine Americans. And if you think that’s merely a coincidence I have some property in Atlantic City I’d like to sell you.


Beschizza isn’t the first one to sound an alarm over hidden anti-Semitic notes in the ad. Maybe it’s not deliberate, but I know the KKK/Stormfront crowd will see the faces and names, and they’ll know: except for Hillary these people are all Jews. In terms of propaganda it’s pretty well done-- it appeals to the clueless pro-Trumpers who are unaware of white nationalism or the alt-right, but it also sends those neo-Nazis a message: “I too see these powerful Jews.” I don’t think Trump himself has any clue, but I’m willing to bet his campaign manager made a very conscious decision to include mostly Jewish faces and names.


The SJWs won’t let us say “subject international Jewry to merciless resistance” any more. It’s political correctness gone mad.


Hi. “That guy” here.
I think you meant “mud-raking”.
“Mud-racking” would, I guess, mean putting clumps of mud carefully in a…rack?


Sure, taken out of context it’s just railing against elites. Though there is the matter of his father’s Klan connection, and his roundabout way of repudiating David Duke, and the weird Star of David in a Frozen tweet. I don’t personally believe he’s a died in the wool anti-semite - apparently Ivanka Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism - but for Trump anti-semitism is just a means to an end. He didn’t sprinkle the ad with a bunch of Christian elites, did he?


Thank you for illustrating the very real dangers of a lack of media literacy education in our K-12 schools. Your comment is a graphic example of how easily someone without such an education can be gulled into swallowing anti-Semitic propaganda even in 2016.

[ETA: perhaps you’re visually impaired and believed this was a radio ad. If so you should be aware it’s a video.]


Most Trump supporters have no idea who any of those people are let alone whether of not they’re Jewish.


I would also point out that Whistler’s Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1, never references anything at all since it only shows things. Any accusation that the painting references any such things as “a room”, “a wall”, “a floor”, “a painting/print”, “a frame”, ", “curtains/drapery”, “a floor”, “a chair”, “furniture”, “women”, “a woman”, “the painter’s mother”, “clothing”, “female clothing” are desperate and baseless slanders from thoroughly nasty viewers. SAD!




Whether they’re Stormfront regulars or Fox News devotees, his supporters all know who Soros is. The American right wing has spent decades promoting him as a boogeyman who spreads “alien” and “un-American” messages. They’re also not shy about reminding people that he’s Jewish.


I would not have know that they were Jewish unless the OP had pointed it out. Neither would have most of Trump’s supporters, I suspect. Not that I have any answers, but redirecting attention away from the key message of the ad would be a mistake.

Perhaps the ad blames the wrong causes, perhaps the ad foments an irrational hate, but don’t disregard the suffering of the people who are its target. Not unless you want them to come after you with torches and pitchforks.


It’s a derisive term potters use to refer to mean creating an inferior product