Trump tells America's attorneys general that Jews might be desecrating their own cemeteries to make him look bad


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"I have too kissed a girl, but she’s from Canada, You wouldn’t know her"


I don’t understand why people do this. I don’t care if you have a black son, you can still hate black people or do things that indicate you don’t actually give a fuck about them. I don’t care if you have a daughter, you can still be a sexist or a rapist. I don’t care if you play soccer with the immigrants down the street, you can still be a clueless xenophobe. These things are not absolute contradictions.


Yep. He’s just a hateful person who has people around him who share his views and now have the power to fuck us all up.

I weep for this planet.


What he doesn’t get is that false flag or not, people expect the president to at least publicly say “This isn’t good, needs to stop, and I’m putting people on it to try and get to the bottom of this.” not “Hey, I said I’m not a bigot already just take my word for it and stop bothering me with this stuff. Wasn’t me so what more do you want?”. Leader of the free world right there too insular to even pretend to think about something he doesn’t feel like discussing. Can we elect like a surrogate president that does all the actual leadership stuff while this guys busy tweetling his thumbs?

I’m expecting to see a war break out somewhere and in response to calls for US aid Trump goes “Hey, I didn’t tell them to start killing civilians, so I don’t know why you expect something from me. I got civilians in my family so obviously I don’t hate civilians. This is just some trick and I’m not falling for it.”


I think it’s reading a bit much into it to suggest that he was claiming that Jews, specifically, were responsible for the attacks. I mean he might well think that, and I’m sure some of his followers do, but it doesn’t appear to be what he said. Does he not say enough stupid, reprehensible shit as it is, that we have to put words in his mouth? Is the evidence free assertion of vague false-flag conspiracy not interesting enough on its own terms?


Somebody figure out how to deliver a slap through Trump’s Twitter feed, please.


Would it be germane to suggest that one might be more sensitive to the implication that Jewish people are acting as agent provocateurs if one is Jewish and recalls historic events which were presaged by similar accusations? That one might be completely justified in hearing the unspoken implication if one has heard one’s family and their friends recounting similar tales (those that survived, that is)? And that not hearing the distant rumble of hooves doesn’t mean that one is not going to get stampeded?

Not that Trump’s suggestion isn’t completely brainless and mean-spirited, even if he didn’t mean the unspoken implication.


Any month now I expect Donald to set fire to the Houses of Congress and then declare that the (Jewish) Democratic Party did it and that they need to all be put in jail.


Someone making a special “he’s one of the good ones” exception might as well be wearing an “I’m a bigot” t-shirt.

Of course he makes it worse by choosing shady characters like Don King as “the good ones.”


I certainly wouldn’t fault Jewish people, or any of Trumps political opponents, for seeing those parallels, no. I see them myself in fact, and I think his explicit assertion that “someone” is perpetrating a false-flag against him is extremely disturbing. Whether or not Trump meant to imply that Jews, specifically, were responsible, it will surely be understood that way by those who want to understand it that way, and they will feel that he has their back.


Please, Donald Trump doesn’t hate Jews, he just dislikes their sneaky sinister backstabbing cabal.


“Some of my best daughters are Jewish…”



I strongly dislike Donald Trump. It does not appear that he said the Jewish culture was responsible. misleading headline.


Can we please stop making excuses for Trump and analyzing his comments as if a more traditional politician made them? His comment that “sometimes the reverse is true” in saying that it might not be anti-Semitism is his way of saying that the Jewish, or at least pro-Jewish, community is responsible for these attacks. He just knows how to say these things in a way that lets him later scoff at critics and say that’s not what he meant. Plausible deniability.



“Someone might have done this to make me look bad.”

Jesus Moses, is there ANYTHING that man will hesitate to spin as a personal attack against him?


They aren’t absolute contradictions, but the exceptions are so extremely rare that Occam’s Razor demands significant additional evidence before it makes any sense to believe that a person has such rare, counter-evolutionary prejudices.

For example, before concluding that a person who loudly decries homosexuality and wants to persecute all gay people is probably gay himself, you’d want some sort of additional information - like, for example, if the hypothetical person was a male Republican elected official, that’d be analogical or statistical evidence in favor of the idea that said official is himself a self-hating gay.


It’s not even exceptional.


In my experience it is, and my experience is what I have. I understand that yours may be different! But it’s also pretty hard to logically support the idea that evolution (or creation) would favor in-group predation over in-group altruism.

I think the exceptions stand out so much that we over-count them. The Daily News effect.

But of course in reality, more than half the people in the world do whatever their authority figures tell them to do - the Milgram experiment pretty conclusively proved that. A person doesn’t have to feel hate or bigotry in order to do the work of hatred - they just have to follow orders…