Across the nation, Jewish community centers threatened


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And this is one of the reasons why this Yid is picking up stakes and heading elsewhere, ASAP.


The alt-right* movement, invigorated by its election** victory, is just showing its concern*** about the alien**** values that they see infecting America. They just want to Make America Great***** Again.

[* white nationalist ]
[** electoral college]
[*** bigotry]
[**** Jewish]
[***** a white Christian country]

Come on, give Max a break. He’s obviously addicted to making “mistakes,” “apologising” for them, and then repeating them again and again.


But…but…Obama’s collusion at the last UN meeting demonstrated his administration’s continued disdain for Israel while a Trump Presidency will usher in a whole new era of US-Israeli relations. Therefore the recent rise of antisemitic acts in the US cannot possibly be attributed to Trump’s election and MUST be coming from far left fringe groups instead.

(this was an actual viewpoint expressed by a friend who twisted himself up in knots trying to condemn Obama for the UN vote.)


The problem with people like your friend (and AIPAC for that matter) is that they confuse Likud for Israel as a whole. If Obama dares criticise Bibi or his policies that enable religious fanatic settlers suddenly he becomes an anti-Semite in their eyes. It’s the same delusion that has some believing that Christian Zionists who support Israel do so because they love Jews and not because they want them all concentrated in one place for the big Apocalypse BBQ.

American Jews who think like your friend does will be in for a nasty surprise, even if Muslims and LGBT folks are ahead of them on this right-wing populist administration’s hit list. Does he really think Steve Bannon is a friend of the Jews?


Everyone in Israel including Likud completely recognizes that many of the west bank settlements are negotiable and can be negotiated away.

Almost no one in Israel is willing to negotiate her borders back to the pre-1967 lines, especially the western wall. Simply not going to happen.


Yeah. Weirdly, I noted that alt-racist Richard Spencer said “I respect Israel as a homogeneous ethno-state", which shows us what he thinks the USA should be like.

I’m very fond of saying “anyone who denies the Holocaust is really just hoping to get another chance at it”, and that kind of reminds me of how these guys treat Israel-- they are pro-Israel because it represents a national/ethnic entity, but they still hate Jews.


And further confuse the state of Israel and Jewish identity.


Part of the problem is it’s difficult to even have a civil debate without being labeled an anti-Semite by hard liners if you dare criticize any Israeli policies - no matter how mildly. It’s the third rail of international diplomacy.

I think most of the rational world agrees that the Likud party’s policies of establishing Jewish settlements in the West Bank only provokes tensions and is a real barrier to establishing a true two-state solution. But nobody dares criticize these actions without being labeled antisemitic.

The kerfuffle over moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is a perfect example. Who really cares? Moving the embassy would be nothing more than a political gesture designed to placate the religious right. Keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv is actually far more practical since that’s where all the people are.

I have several friends who agree with these hard line positions and are extremely critical of Obama because of his perceived preference of Palestinian positions vs. “support” of Israel. It seems US policies on Israel consume and impassion them far more than domestic policies here at home.


Do they play golf?


They don’t want Jews living anywhere BUT Israel, hence all the antisemitic activity recently, AND the only reason they tolerate the existence of Israel at all now (it wasn’t all that popular when it first formed) is due to all the whacko End Times believers, who think the Jewish State must conquer the mideast, but also that all Jews who don’t convert at the Second Coming are going to burn in the eternal lake of fire anyway. I am unfortunately fairly well-versed in this nut-jobbery owing to an unfortunate in-law situation.


I’d like to kick the bigots who vandalise and threaten {Jewish, Chinese, Islamic, etc.} community centers in the teeth, which would no doubt improve their looks, and if I kicked hard enough might improve their intelligence.


Around 1939 President Roosevelt’s Department of the Interior proposed allowing in a bunch of Jewish refugees from Europe to help develop Alaska, but the plan was quickly shot down for all the reasons you’d expect.

Michael Chabon wrote a pretty good alternate-history novel based on the idea though.


I don’t get that impression from reading the Israeli (or other Jewish) media. What makes you think this?


Don’t forget “People working out”. Gym equipment, pools, indoor gymnasium, that sort of thing have become a popular feature at a lot of these. At my local one, the the “Fitness and Sports” department and the PreSchool are the two biggest revenue sources.

As for drawing people though, can’t underestimate the draw of available meeting, social and performance space. Social halls, theaters, that sort, which gather a large group of people.

We had a shooting at ours a few years ago. Part of a neo-nazi’s one man campaign against several Jewish targets in the area. Killed two there, one at an assisted living facility nearby. Ironically, none Jewish, so that part of his mission failed. The two at the community center where there for tryouts at the theater, the third was a nurse, I believe. Or a volunteer… I forget.


I been seeing you say that long before DJT was even a candidate


Yes, ONE of the reasons. But I suspect your significant other is the primary reason (and that’s A-OK with me.)

Still, you should stick around. We need people to vote for Bernie and/or Elizabeth Warren in 2020.



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Dude’s really successful, but he’s also an obnoxious dick.


this kind of thing makes sense with a link/citation, which should be available if he has said it before - otherwise it just sounds sorta like gaslighting. Extra gaslighty if you respond about your lack of time or the unworthiness of such a citation.