As anti-Semitic bomb threats continue, ADL office evacuated in San Francisco


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Yesterday, NPR called them “hoaxes” and a few weeks ago, the LA Times called them hoax threats and bogus threats. This is ignorant. A threat is a threat, period.


I doubt that Trump has any qualms about being voted in by the kind of people who make such threats. He wanted those votes.

the canary in the coal mine is a Jew.
Not to get all oppression olympics, but the canary in the post-9/11 world is Muslim. And the ADL has been conspicuously complicit in that particular brand of intolerance.

They have an excellent historical track record and are a badly needed resource against the anti-semitism of the alt-right. But anti-muslim hysteria is also putting a lot of people in danger right now, and it’s important to hold ADL accountable when they contribute to that.


The school where my wife teaches was one of the sites that got a bomb call yesterday. As she explained to her students, “it takes skill to make and plant a bomb. Any idiot can make a phone call.”


Don’t trust your safety in the hands of idiots.

I didn’t phrase that too well. It should be something like: Don’t trust other people’s stupidity to keep you safe.


From the antisemitism thread

Islamophobia is thus, to use the phrase that Edward Said applied to Orientalism, “a strange secret sharer of Western anti-Semitism.” This hidden alignment was particularly discernible in the ease with which the Cold War, with its ubiquitous, if subliminal, anti-Semitism, morphed into the clash of civilizations, with jihadists replacing Reds as figments of the American nightmare. Trump no doubt regards himself as an American original, but he is only the latest ringmaster of this binary circus. In fact, our temperamental President is bigotry’s cliché. Even the cult of white supremacy on which his movement depends has its origins, too, in the positive-negative structure of the Western imagination, a structure erected in the first place to keep Jews in their place. It may offend Donald Trump to be linked to an ancient current, but while his arrival, with all its mayhem, is an unprecedented crime against democratic values, it is also evidence of the deeper disorder from which our culture has yet to recover.

The problem with linking anti-semitism to broader societal trends, though is that it may blunt the point that in many cases, some people irrationally maintain a very nasty, very specific, and very real animosity towards Jews.


I just posted this elsewhere, but Trump seems to be calling anti-Semitic events false flags.


idiot, coward, loser, take your pick.


I can’t even…

I wouldn’t blame the rest of the world if they walled the US off completely. I wouldn’t like being trapped here, but I wouldn’t blame the planet.


What the AF? ‘sometimes it’s the reverse’ Is he actually suggesting that they’re false flag operations by Jewish organisations?

Then again this is the man who managed to comment on Holocaust Remembrance Day with out referring to Jewish people, so yeah, about par for the course on this…


Jesus Hussein Christ. That is something straight out of stormfront. You know it was Stephen Bananas who whispered that shit in his ear.

For people who haven’t seen it, this is very popular with that crowd. I saw it being posted on twitter over the weekend by the racist brigade in response to people talking about the cemetery desecrations.


The ADL should be unafraid, they should keep doing their job, and don’t evacuate the building. The sad and brutal truth is that actual deaths might be the only thing that will wake up some Americans. I doubt even Trump would have the gall to claim the ADL bombed their own building.


No, you always evacuate. You then check the building and return to work, but you don’t ignore it for the same reason you don’t ignore a overactive fire alarm, the consequences of being wrong are too high.


Right, I understand, but then making constant bomb threats is a good way to disrupt the ADL’s work. An overactive fire alarm can be fixed, but how do you stop trolls from calling in bomb threats? Bomb or no bomb the trolls claim a victory.


the thing that is really scary about all this is that it’s not even CLOSE to april 20th yet. it makes me wonder what the nazis are planning for then…


Are you familiar with Sandy Hook?

Leaving aside the question of whether martyring the people working at the ADL in the name of exposing the anti-Semitism in the US is worth it (Spoiler: it isn’t), you are giving far too much credit to people who have already proven themselves all to ready to believe conspiracy theories.


Show me a non-Jewish person who is OK with oppressing all Muslims and I’ll show you someone who probably doesn’t care much for the plight of Jewish people either. If there’s anything positive Trump has accomplished it’s that he’s brought American Jews and Muslims together like never before.


Wait, if it’s supposedly Jewish people who are launching these racist attacks as part of a false flag operation to gain public sympathy then does that include whoever drew the racist caricature of a Jewish person in that cartoon?


Well, according to some people, drumpf and his alt-right masters desire what’s known as a “third order simulacrum”, that is to say, a disconnected, brainwashed populace similar to north korea’s.

With all the sickness on display in the white house, this thinking makes sense to me.