Trump Focuses Anti-Terrorism Efforts on Islam; Is Kristallnacht Coming?

I’m seeing patterns here; Trump is refocusing anti-terrorism efforts away from domestic (read; white supremacist) terrorism, which has been the source for the majority of terrorist acts in the US in the last decade. Reports suggest a growing presence of white supremacists in law enforcement. Legal immigrants being forced to go through “extreme vetting” process, and families being denied entry or deported. Trump expressing admiration for dictators like Philippine President Duterte who has enlisted his own thugs and military to commit more than 7,000 extrajudicial killings…

Is a Kristallnacht coming?


Ugh. It’s too early for this shit, I’m still drinking my coffee here. I have a strict ‘no Nazis before 9 a.m.’ policy, this includes both interaction and discussion. Trump probably doesn’t start work until 10 in the mornin so we still have an hours head start to set up our Nazi bashers.


Seems an odd choice of GIF for someone who has a “no Nazis before 9” policy…


All I see are kittens thanks to #MAKA.

If any such horrors of violence are headed to the US, the murders will not be limited to Muslims. It will look a lot more like that really bad horror movie The Purge. Murderous assholes of every flavor looking for a piece of the action while they can get away with it.


We are so fucked. There are little orange men in the United States. These vehicles are unmarked, flying a non-permitted flag, and did not identify themselves until several days after said movement occurred. All violations of United States armed forces procedure. Just another mourning in America.


Was that Godwin in zero moves or do you mean to setup an imaginary comparison to what actually happened to Jews to something else?

Amusing choice given those murderous assholes were paid government thugs to wipe out the poor and or government identified threats.

Y’know how WWI generals got criticised for “fighting the last war”?


Don’t expect Trumpistan to be an exact repeat of the 1930’s. It won’t be; for one thing, there’s a lot of 1850’s in the air at the moment.

Every country that falls in this hole gets to have its own fascist. Franco was different from Mussolini was different from Hitler.


I suppose all you can really do in this situation is to be prepared.

Oh, wait…


What I’m “setting up” is a theory that we are headed towards a purge; that the groundwork is being laid for a time of violence against muslims, the goal of which will be to drive muslims out of the country. Step one, close the borders. Step two, use some incident as an excuse to encourage violent retaliation against Muslim immigrants. Step three, deport anyone left.


Maybe theres a better analogy word?

Than Kristallnacht? I don’t think so.


Just seeing things that realy are Jewish specific diluted like this kicks me in the feels.



That actually reinforces my point, we have our own troubles.

They are the same troubles, coming from the same people!


Same troubles? No. Same people? Maybe this time yes.

I don’t think it’s a dilution. I agree that when people make bad analogies to the holocaust it dilutes our understanding of the scale of its horror. But to reference kristallnacht when suggesting that we might be headed towards a state-sanctioned period of violence against a vilified racial minority seems entirely appropriate. If we can’t use that word, we forget what kristallnacht was - we fail to remember the history and set ourselves up to repeat it.


Keeping memory alive is important but the events of Jewish history nor the essential aspects of the Jewish people isnt universalist so I still think its dilution to apply our real experience to somethig that hadnt actually happened.

If they have their way, after they are done with the Muslims, they will come for the Jews. Maybe they’ll come for Hispanics first, maybe LGBT people, who knows, but you’ll have your turn eventually. They will use different propaganda for the various different groups, at least superficially different, and they may use different tactics. But rest assured, your people are on the same list, and the same boat, as the Muslims.

And some people are trying to prevent this.

And others have their heads in the sand.