Across the nation, Jewish community centers threatened


Yeah, it’s quite difficult to navigate all the explosions and shit everyday during commute. You probably know what I’m speaking about when in the USA you have to live in constant shadow with all those terrorist planes blocking out the sun.


It’s a comment to @bibliophile20 not a challenge and really has nothing to do with you.


…on a public message board. You posted that message so others could see it.


Yeah I do understand the difference between a public comment and a PM


Which is weird because Israel is one of the world’s most multicultural countries.


But who wants the facts? It’s very inconvenient and gets in the way of legitimate criticism to know about the North African, Yemenite, Iraqi, Afghan, Ethiopian, Chinese or Indian Jews there. Or the Druze, Arab Israelis, etc.


Citation please. I joked about it before, certainly, because Jews always have to have a passport and go-bag ready, but I haven’t been active on this board until after the Orange Mussolini was in the primaries, and it went from a sad-angry joke to a certainty a few months ago.


For any move of any significance, there’s always a Push and a Pull to it, especially a move between countries. My Pull is definitely my fiancee, but my Push is the fact that I want to get out of the USA post-haste (and my business died the day the Short Fingered Vulgarian was elected, so I can’t support myself here long-term even if I wanted to stay).


I skimmed back your posts to about August 2014 (well before DJT entered the race) and the earliest I found was from May 2016 so I think I misremembered the timeline.

I certainly didnt mean to put words in your mouth nor to seem to demean you in any way!


Note that the EU table you give only includes terrorist attacks which killed at least 10 people. In the US there have only been 4 such attacks since the big one in 2001, 8 including that one since 1921.


I was just an occasional poster here before March '16, which is what I meant by “active”. Previously, I was on Tumblr, but left because the community was too toxic.

Also, the linked post is me not joking about it, but saying that I was giving serious consideration to it, even back then.

Well, you still succeeded at that, regardless of intent, but I will accept the apology in the spirit in which it was given.

Tumblr, toxicity, memes, and dada

He was a candidate – and, a winning one – because of all the factors leading up to that conclusion.

This has become an increasingly dangerous country for non-white/Christian/cis/het/males.


Bomb threats against kids learning to swim.

He supports Israel because he wants a place to ship all American Jews to.


He probably didn’t see it that way. Killing allies is at least as good. Maybe even better because they are enablers who voluntarily weaken white dominance. The KKK killed hundreds of white race-traitors too.

To paraphrase Chris Rock on the election of Obama - “Its not black people who have come a long way, its white people who have stopped being assholes.”


Rich white guy fucks up and poor brown guys lose their livelihood. Shocker!

PDP needs to pay them a whole lot more than $5 for the shit he got them into.


one day to go…



Others may disagree with this but I will always protect my family and friends first, my nation second. Citizenship is a legal construct and changing it is an administrative matter. Real community has no dotted lines, to cross or to sign. Go wherever you need to go to preserve that and keep it growing.


Popo, is that you?


If only.


Our move to Belgium was in process long before Trump was even a serious candidate (I had an excellent job opportunity that turned into a spectacular job opportunity, and started preparing for that more than a year before we left) but lately I’m using that as an excuse and to troll Trumpistas. Especially a few of my fruitcake relatives who are fond of him. Call it a convenient excuse, and we’re using it as a means to an end to try and get EU permanent residency.