Neo-nazi assholes seek to chase Jews from Whitefish, Montana


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ADL identifies 4.2 million anti-Semitic tweets from 3 million accounts last year
No notifications on deleted posts?

And this is what happens when the people we have elected give a wink and a nod to the hate mongers.
Fucking hell it is going to be a rough 4 years.


…bigots will march in Whitefish showing off their guns.

I misread that - for a moment I thought it said “penises.”


I’m so glad I’m getting out of the US while I have the chance…


Stay classy Northwest. I miss your scenery; I don’t miss your people.


it’s not Alt-right when it’s simply neo-Nazi far right.
They’re illegal in Germany; time to make them so in the US. Freedom of speech surely doesn’t encompass armed threats against citizens?


I demand the freedom to harass and threaten. There are those who have the agenda to limit those rights. They must be stopped!


“Lowering property values, you say? I’ll show you lowering property values!”


I thought busing in professional protesters from California was the libruls’ job…


Does anyone know how to petition to change the name of the town to Gefilte Fish?

Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher



That’s just the thing — it doesn’t. We already have an exception to free speech for threats and incitement to violence, so there’s no need to make another exception that targets a particular ideology. If we set that precedent now, it may be poised to backfire, especially given who is in charge and what his agenda for the first amendment looks like.

If there are laws that need to be changed they’re probably the ones that allow people like this to stockpile weapons to begin with.


I’ve posted this before, and here it is again.

I have a feeling there will be many more opportunities to post this over the next four years.


The Pacific Northwest voted for Sanders. Portland and Seattle would prefer not to be associated with Montana, thank you.


I do love the left coast, but have you seen the eastern half of those states?


The cities here did, but go outside them and things change quite quickly.


Yes. They will be free to join Idaho when we secede. :wink:


More and more I wonder how to fight the rise of online neo-Nazis (and other online groups that come from the same source and have the same strategies, e.g. gamergate). They know they can abuse and make threats online without repercussions and that also facilitates off-line threats and violence against the victims. Gamergate showed that it was a highly effective strategy with little risk for the abusers - and I’ve heard of no effective counters to it. It’s just going to get worse as these groups become more and more emboldened.


So few people actually live east Cascades, well, more in Washington.


I just find it so strange that Jews are suddenly not considered white. I’m Jewish and I am almost literally the whitest guy I know (maybe my dad’s whiter, but he’s also Jewish). I don’t feel personally threatened (yet), but I also live a safe distance away from all of this craziness. I just find it strange and anachronistic.