Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher




Not a Blues Brothers fan?


And in the meantime if the good people in this town could change it’s name from Whitefish, Montana to Gefiltefish, Montana and the neo-nazis just might leave. :smiley:


You have my axe as well!! Buried right in their asses!


hey now!



ahhh! my bad! שָׁלוֹם מוחות גדולים חושבים דומה


I have an axe, a splitting maul, and for teensy nazi winkies, a hatchet. And I use most of them daily. So I’m in. Load of fuckwits, but I agree, be careful.


Whitefish is often poached. It’s a Jewish tradition!


While we don’t particularly get along, fuckery of this sort is not okay and I hope you & yours remain safely out of harm’s way.

The joke was missed, obvs. Nazis of any flavor can go jump in a lake while wearing cement shoes, as far as I’m concerned.


That is so clearly a parody site. They’re trying to make Nazis look like semen-smelling cul-de-sac kids who hate their new stepdads.

Oh, wait…


It really is a good picture of you and Nemo both, Jason. Do nazi assholes have a distinctive smell? Maybe you could teach Nemo to suss them out.


Damn. I’m sorry you have that crap to put up with.


If anyone doesn’t have an axe, BB is selling one.


Oh, I got the reference; but considering what happened to my family at the hands of fascists in the Second World War, I still give the same response to that pop culture in-joke…


And one day Jason discovered that when the Nazis said “Jewish fuck” what they really meant was



do you have any opinion on this harassment? Or were you going for the full derail?


Second (general) thought: Know that discussion in meta that’s about ameliorating the effects of brand-new sign-ups who are just here to, well, cause trouble?

I wonder if it’s now worth looking a little closer at if there’s anything worth implementing.


Drat their erudite wordsmithing! By the time I’d finished reading it, I almost felt like I shared their hate of naked chicks in front of swastikas. But I held my mental ground and fought it off.