Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher


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Jesus, Jason.


Usually I’d say one measure of a man is who calls him an enemy, but these shits ain’t worth the tally.


“The Nazis may write like schoolboys, but they’re capable of anything. That’s just why they’re so dangerous. People laugh at them, right up to the last moment…”

Christopher Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin

Be careful.


Both good Jewish boys :wink:



The rest of it’s shit, but that’s an awesome picture.


You have my axe. Fuck those guys.


There goes the neighborhood.


Plus, you’re not worthless.


Buying more antacids, aspirin. Wish I drank. F**k those guys.

** You see?


Man do I ever hate the Illinois Nazis. I meant Internet Nazis. Once they start passing out armbands for their side and required emblems for ours (will Atheists be allowed to design their own symbol? i suggest the green lightbulb or maybe a yellow smiley face) I am out of here. Wait, I’m in CA in the heart of ‘the resistance’… screw it, this is MY country! No to nazi scum. Find a good solid Constitutional reason to impeach and just start it up. He deserves every ounce of the regard and cooperation Obama got. Zero.


Do they hate religious Jews more than secular Jews? There should be a scale of sorts, no?


I hope the FBI is aware of your situation. (Per the FBI, white-supremacists – not Muslim extremists --pose the greatest threat as far as group violence on our soil.)


Are there any kind to like…?


They are just oozing out of the red painted basement crawl space now are they not? F Them.

I know a guy…


And my vuvuzela.


Now I’m worried about that soccer mommy cunt whose IP address they have.


Wear it as a badge of honor, sir. Jimmy Hoffa once called my dad a “Jew Bastard” and he proudly agreed.