Punched Nazi loses tax-exempt status


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“He blamed it on an IRS error that led him to believe his group was not required to file tax returns.”

Sounds legit.


I saw this quote (on the left) a few weeks ago on twitter and thought it was perfect


I could watch that all day long…


Objection to the GIF showing the guy acting peaceably, but being violently attacked. That’s a great recruiting tool for him. It is not illustrative of what makes Nazism unacceptable; in fact, it almost does the opposite. Plus also, if one is indulging one’s own schadenfreude rather than trying to transcend it, is one much better that Nazi sympathizers? Hate is hate. Only the names have changed.

Please reconsider and post a GIF of tax returns or his portrait or at least something less revenge-porny.


Yes. Yes one is. Taking pleasure in a Nazi getting punched in the face is indeed better than advocating genocide.


Well, one is farther down the same road than the other. So you are right in that way. But it’s not a road to be traveling on, short or long.


Or better yet, a gif where the puncher lands a solid blow. If you’re going to punch a Nazi - on camera, no less! - make it count.


I look all over and zero fucks can be found for that scumbag.


That’s only because GIFs don’t have sound.


False equivalence is false equivalence. Preaching tolerance for Nazis is normalizing genocide as a political position.



He probably failed to file his form 990, which is a non-profit’s accounting. Even the American Red Cross would lose 501c3 status if they did that for five years. You would think a successful Nazi could afford an accountant.



I somehow doubt he’d get an accountant


Sheesh, really.


Yeah, people are calling it a “punch” (implying a fist) when it looks more like a forearm. Although I suppose “forearm a Nazi” doesn’t have the same ring to it.



I was sure there’d be one in that box too. Guess not…


Surely by now he can only be called an unsuccessful nazi?